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Navigating the New Wave of Bitcoin ETFs with Thomas Fahrer

Mar 31, 2024

Navigating the New Wave of Bitcoin ETFs with Thomas Fahrer

Navigating the New Wave of Bitcoin ETFs with Thomas Fahrer

Key Takeaways

In a recent episode of the Stephan Livera podcast, guest Thomas Fahrer from Apollo shared his insights on the newly launched Bitcoin ETFs and their impact on the Bitcoin market. Fahrer, who humorously claims a doctorate in "bitcoin bronomics," actually developed his expertise through a decade-long journey that began with an internship at Australia’s central bank and culminated in co-founding Apollo, a discovery platform for Bitcoin products and services.

The episode delved into the significance of Bitcoin ETFs in providing institutional investors, such as pension funds and endowments, a viable vehicle for Bitcoin exposure, one that was previously unavailable due to compliance and risk hurdles. These ETFs, particularly those launched in the US, have the potential to attract substantial capital inflows. Fahrer suggested that even a small allocation from the $8 trillion managed by financial advisors in the US could have a profound impact on Bitcoin's market cap.

Fahrer and Livera discussed various ETFs, with a focus on Blackrock's and Fidelity's successful launches and Grayscale's decrease in holdings. They also explored the future of Bitcoin investing, the potential for continued volatility, and the likelihood of seeing a classic bull-bear cycle pattern in the Bitcoin market.

Best Quotes

  1. "Bitcoin is like, my experience with it is true, I would say, for literally I've never met anybody else that had anything different, which is to say, you discover bitcoin, you ignore it, the price goes up a lot, and then you have to have the kind of painful experience of sort of just rejecting your ego and accepting it at the price you can get anyway." – Thomas Fahrer on the common journey of Bitcoin investors.
  2. "These ETFs provide a vehicle in a way that has never previously existed... it's just going to unlock an incredible wall of capital in the US." – Thomas Fahrer on the revolutionary potential of Bitcoin ETFs for institutional investment.
  3. "Bitcoin has this odd property of unlocking higher levels of capital as the market cap grows." – Thomas Fahrer on the scalability of Bitcoin investment as the asset matures.
  4. "Bitcoin is very sensitive to macroeconomic conditions, primarily because the whole traditional financial world is basically where bitcoin is." – Thomas Fahrer on the interdependence of Bitcoin and broader economic trends.
  5. "We're going through a massive wealth transfer between the people that understand the monetary system is rebasing on a new money and the people that don't understand that." – Thomas Fahrer on the paradigm shift occurring with Bitcoin's rise.
  6. "It's not like kind of interesting, philosophical. I don't know if it's fair or what, but it's just, that's the world. That's the world we live in." – Thomas Fahrer on the realities of monetary restandardization.


The podcast episode with Thomas Fahrer provided a comprehensive look at the burgeoning field of Bitcoin ETFs and the transformative effect they may have on the Bitcoin landscape. Fahrer's analysis illuminated the growing interest from traditional financial institutions and the readiness of the market to embrace Bitcoin as a viable investment asset.

The discussion underscored the potential for Bitcoin to disrupt the current financial order, highlighting its increasing appeal to large-scale investors and the ongoing shift towards redefining money in the digital age. The conversation concluded with a philosophical reflection on the nature of currency, investment, and the future of Bitcoin in a rapidly changing economic environment.

As the podcast came to a close, it was clear that the Bitcoin ETFs herald a new chapter for Bitcoin, one that could lead to broader acceptance and integration into the mainstream financial system. Fahrer's insights left listeners with much to ponder regarding the dynamics of investment, the role of models in decision-making, and the continued evolution of Bitcoin's narrative in the context of global finance.


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