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Robert Breedlove - Bitcoin ETFs and Global Adoption with Samson Mow

Feb 11, 2024

Robert Breedlove - Bitcoin ETFs and Global Adoption with Samson Mow

Robert Breedlove - Bitcoin ETFs and Global Adoption with Samson Mow

Key Takeaways

The podcast episode from the "What is Money Show" provides valuable insights into the world of Bitcoin, its adoption in various parts of the world, and its broader implications on understanding money. The conversation with Samson Mow, founder of JAN3, a Bitcoin tech company, delves into several key areas.

Global South and Bitcoin Adoption:

The discussion begins with the onboarding of the global south to Bitcoin, highlighting the significant demand for digital currencies, particularly in regions with inadequate banking infrastructure. The introduction of Aqua, a Bitcoin, Liquid, and Lightning wallet, is aimed at empowering grassroots initiatives and potentially governments to transition from stablecoins to Bitcoin, leveraging Bitcoin's rising price as an educational tool.

Bitcoin Wallets and User Experience:

The episode talks about designing Bitcoin wallets with simplicity in mind, targeting the next billion users. It emphasizes the need for wallets to be user-friendly and straightforward, with clear distinctions between savings and checking accounts, to facilitate wider adoption.

Layer Two Solutions and Scaling Bitcoin:

The podcast touches upon the scalability of Bitcoin, examining Lightning Network and Liquid sidechain technologies. It explores the concept of layer two and three protocols, side chains, and the future of Bitcoin's scalability.

Bitcoin ETFs and Institutional Adoption:

The episode also discusses the significance of Bitcoin ETFs, highlighting their role in acknowledging Bitcoin as a legitimate asset class and reserve asset. The ETFs are seen as a step toward integrating Bitcoin into retirement accounts and institutional portfolios.

Nation-State Adoption of Bitcoin:

Finally, the conversation shifts to nation-state adoption, exploring the potential benefits of countries incorporating Bitcoin into their financial systems. The episode highlights JAN3's efforts in engaging with countries interested in Bitcoin mining projects, energy projects, and Bitcoin bonds to stimulate economic growth.

Best Quotes

  1. "Bitcoin is a thousand times, if not infinitely better than either of those things because of all the properties it has, the permissionlessness, the immutability, and the fact that it is dematerialized." - This quote emphasizes Bitcoin's superiority over traditional forms of money and assets due to its unique properties.
  2. "The only thing that can happen is that you understand money better, and politicians and governments that understand money better will be able to do their job far better." - This quote underscores the educational aspect of Bitcoin, suggesting that as more people, including policymakers, learn about Bitcoin, they will become more adept at managing money and governing.
  3. "We want to onboard the next billion people with Aqua. And that means we have to focus on a different set of problems and a different UX, where it's much more streamlined and simplified." - This quote from Samson Mow captures the mission of his company, JAN3, to make Bitcoin accessible to a broader audience through user-centered design.
  4. "We don't even have bearer shares anymore, which used to be very common. And that tends towards overreach from the state, like wanting to know what you've got and wanting to have control over what you've got." - This quote reflects on the historical changes in asset ownership and the increasing control exerted by the state over individual assets.


The podcast episode offers an in-depth look into how Bitcoin and related technologies are shaping the future of money. Through a comprehensive discussion with Samson Mow, we learn about the significant strides being made in Bitcoin adoption, both at the grassroots level and among nation-states. The episode reveals that regardless of one's initial reason for interest in Bitcoin, the journey inevitably leads to a deeper understanding of money, which can have transformative effects on individuals and governments alike. As the conversation concludes, it's evident that Bitcoin's role as a disruptive force in the financial world is only beginning to unfold, with potential implications that could redefine our relationship with money for generations to come.


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