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TFTC - How Bitcoin Fixes Elections| Carliño

May 3, 2024

TFTC - How Bitcoin Fixes Elections| Carliño

TFTC - How Bitcoin Fixes Elections| Carliño

Key Takeaways

In this episode, we dive into the intersection of Bitcoin and democracy with Carliño, a key figure in enhancing the security and integrity of election processes using Bitcoin. The conversation reveals the groundbreaking work being done by organizations like Digital Witness and Simple Proof in utilizing cryptographic tools to address the age-old problem of election transparency and trust.

Digital Witness, led by Carliño, is pioneering the use of more recent cryptographic tools to solve the problem of ensuring elections are run properly and securely. This involves using Bitcoin's consensus algorithm as a teaching tool to demonstrate the robustness and resilience of Bitcoin's decentralized network.

Simple Proof emerged as a company that pitched the use of open timestamps to the Guatemalan election authorities. By hashing election data into the Bitcoin blockchain, Simple Proof created a system that made election results immutable and easily verifiable by the public, effectively reducing fraud potential and ensuring the integrity of the electoral process.

The podcast also covers the broader implications of this technology for democratic processes worldwide, the importance of paper ballots, and the potential for Bitcoin to protect democracy by providing a robust, immutable record of election results. This could have significant repercussions for future elections, potentially setting a new standard for transparency and trust in democratic institutions.

Best Quotes

  1. "Bitcoin is that anchor of truth in a sea of lies."
  2. "Don't trust, verify."
  3. "Democracy is provided an opportunity to farm more bitcoiners."
  4. "If Bitcoin protects democracy, then if you're against Bitcoin, you seem to be against democracy."



By creating a system where election results are immutable and verifiable using open timestamps and the Bitcoin blockchain, Carliño and the teams at Digital Witness and Simple Proof are ushering in a new era of transparency and accountability in elections.

This work has the potential to change the narrative around Bitcoin, positioning it as a protector of democratic values and processes. The conversation leaves us with a sense of optimism and a call to action for communities around the world to adopt these cryptographic solutions to safeguard their local elections.


0:00 - Intro
1:27 - Riffing
5:47 - Poverty is the enemy
12:20 - Getting OFAC listed and discovering bitcoin
20:25 - Austrian influence and the state of Guatemala
25:43 - Events leading to Simple Proof
38:53 - Simple Proof in practice
45:32 - Utilizing Stakwork
51:02 - Mitigating bias
56:27 - After the election
1:05:26 - Funneling gamified auditors to bitcoin
1:10:32 - Next elections and implementing in American counties
1:22:28 - Election statistics, bleep the thing
1:28:01 - Reciepts of truth
1:35:40 - Darkest before the dawn


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