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Crude Oil Outlook and Financial Markets Analysis: Macrovoices Episode 412 Recap

Crude Oil Outlook and Financial Markets Analysis: Macrovoices Episode 412 Recap

Jan 25, 2024

Crude Oil Outlook and Financial Markets Analysis: Macrovoices Episode 412 Recap


The latest episode of Macrovoices, a financial podcast dedicated to sophisticated investors, featured an in-depth interview with Dr. Anas Alhajji, a leading expert in the energy sector. The episode also delved into the current state of various financial markets. This article provides a comprehensive summary of the episode, including Dr. Alhajji's insights into the crude oil market and an analysis of key financial indicators.

Crude Oil Market Update

Anas, managing partner of Energy Outlook Advisors, shared his perspective on the crude oil market for 2024. He predicted that barring any geopolitical escalations, crude oil prices are expected to remain stable throughout the year. However, he warned of a looming global energy crisis by the late 2020s, which could drive prices significantly higher. Dr. Alhajji highlighted the increasing strategic importance of the Red Sea as a transit point for oil, gas, and resources critical to the green economy. He also expressed concerns over the economic stability of Egypt due to reduced revenue from the Suez Canal amidst increasing regional tensions.

The Red Sea Conundrum: Navigational Challenges and Coalition Efforts
Recent developments in the Red Sea region have caused significant changes in maritime routes, with over 100 vessels opting to bypass the Red Sea.

Financial Markets Overview

Patrick Seresna provided a succinct update on several key financial market indicators as of January 24, 2024:

  • S&P 500 March futures were up, approaching the 5000 level, suggesting a bullish momentum.
  • US dollar index experienced a slight decrease.
  • March WTI crude oil contract showed signs of breaking out of a four-month bearish decline.
  • RBOB gasoline and copper prices were up, indicating bullish breakouts.
  • Uranium prices stalled after a previous advance.
  • US ten-year treasury yield rose slightly.

Upcoming events to watch included the PCE price index, FOMC meeting, ISM manufacturing PMI, and US jobs numbers.

Geopolitical Risks and Oil Prices

The conversation with Dr. Alhajji touched on the potential risks associated with the political unrest in the Middle East, particularly the conflict in Yemen and its impact on oil transportation through the Red Sea. He mentioned that any major disruptions could affect oil supply and demand dynamics, potentially putting upward pressure on prices.

Economic Forecast and Oil Market

Dr. Alhajji revised his economic forecast for 2024, suggesting that the market might not be as bullish as previously thought due to slower economic growth and an inventory build-up. He discounted the likelihood of oil prices reaching $100 or more, barring any significant geopolitical events.

Long-Term Energy Outlook

Looking toward the late 2020s, Dr. Alhajji concurred with other experts predicting an energy crisis due to a combination of reduced investment in oil production and the failure of green policies to reduce demand for fossil fuels as anticipated. This could lead to a significant shortfall in oil supply relative to demand.


Macrovoices Episode 412 provided listeners with a comprehensive analysis of the crude oil market and financial indicators. Dr. Anas Alhajji's expertise offered a valuable perspective on current trends and future expectations, with a particular emphasis on the geopolitical factors that could influence oil prices. The financial market overview presented by the hosts further enriched the discussion, offering listeners a well-rounded view of the investment landscape as of January 2024.


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