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Tucker Carlson Interviews Russian President Vladimir Putin

Tucker Carlson Interviews Russian President Vladimir Putin

Feb 9, 2024

Tucker Carlson Interviews Russian President Vladimir Putin

On February 8, 2024, Tucker Carlson released an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, primarily focusing on the ongoing war in Ukraine. The interview took place at the Kremlin and lasted for over two hours.

Historical Context:

Putin provided an extensive history lesson, tracing Russia's roots back to the 8th century and the formation of Russian statehood. He discussed the historical ties between Russia and Ukraine, suggesting a historic claim to parts of western Ukraine. Putin emphasized the significance of the baptism of Rus' in 988 and the subsequent unification and strengthening of the Russian state.

Ukraine Conflict Justification:

Putin addressed the notion that the United States, through NATO, might initiate a surprise attack on Russia. He clarified that he did not explicitly state America would launch a surprise strike but stressed the history of western Ukraine and its integration into the Russian lands over centuries. Putin presented documents from the archives, including letters from Bohdan Khmelnytsky to Moscow, asking to be taken under the strong hand of the Moscow Tsar in 1654.

The Minsk Agreements and NATO Expansion:

The president criticized the failure to implement the Minsk Agreements and the expansion of NATO eastwards, despite promises that it would not occur. Putin viewed these actions as threats to Russian security and sovereignty.

Denazification and Negotiations:

Putin expressed that denazification of Ukraine is a central objective, aiming to eradicate neo-Nazi ideologies and movements. He claimed that Ukraine has glorified figures who collaborated with Nazis during World War II. Despite this, Putin is open to negotiations and has not ruled out a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

Evan Gershkovich Case:

Regarding the detained Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich, Putin stated that negotiations are ongoing between special services. While suggesting Gershkovich was engaged in espionage, Putin did not rule out the possibility of his return to the United States.

Future Relations with the United States:

Putin emphasized that the future relationship with the U.S. depends on the American elite's mindset and their willingness to adapt to a changing world. He mentioned the potential for new administrations to affect change if they recognize the need for cooperation rather than domination.

Impact of Sanctions on the Dollar:

Putin criticized the use of the U.S. dollar as a tool for political struggle, arguing it undermines the dollar's position as the global reserve currency. He highlighted the shift of Russia's foreign trade towards rubles and yuan and the diminishing role of the dollar in international transactions.

The Changing Global Landscape:

The Russian president acknowledged the shift in global economic power, noting the rising influence of countries like China, India, and Indonesia. He called for global security to be shared rather than exclusive to the "golden billion" and underscored the need for a unified world.

Artificial Intelligence and Genetics:

When asked about the rise of AI and genetic research, Putin emphasized the need for international regulation to prevent potential existential threats to humanity, similar to the approach taken with nuclear weapons.


The interview concluded with Putin's readiness for dialogue and a negotiated settlement in Ukraine. He expressed confidence in the eventual reconciliation between the Russian and Ukrainian people, stating that cultural and spiritual connections would overcome the current divisions.


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