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The State of American Politics and the Future of Bitcoin with Michael Malice

Jun 24, 2024

The State of American Politics and the Future of Bitcoin with Michael Malice

The State of American Politics and the Future of Bitcoin with Michael Malice

Key Takeaways

This episode of What Bitcoin Did featuring Michael Malice covers a range of compelling topics, including the potential for a future presidential pardon for Ross Ulbricht, which Malice believes aligns with Trump's incentives to defy the deep state. Malice delves into political strategies like Clinton's triangulation and Nixon's actions to avoid criticism from their own political flanks, offering a nuanced understanding of power dynamics and personal incentives in political decisions. He critiques the handling of the Trump presidency and explores Bitcoin and cryptocurrency regulation, McCormack touching on figures like Elizabeth Warren and the SEC's approach to Bitcoin ETFs. The discussion concludes with a reflection on the state of the union and the idea that different states, with their unique cultures and values, might benefit from self-governance independent of a centralized federal government.

Best Quotes

  1. "If Middle America started putting up Guillotines in this country, the corporate press would be tripping over themselves laughing at how dull the blades are. These people are so smug and so contemptuous."
  2. "People are going to vote for more stuff for themselves and someone else is going to be paying for it."
  3. "I think it's very clear. You have many congresspeople, and the only time you know they're telling the truth is when they're retiring in droves."
  4. "When you start talking about assassination of presidents on CNN, this is, you got to be, in my view, and I'm an anarchist, really be careful about putting things out there."
  5. "Even though as a Texan, I speak the same language as someone from Boston, we're not functionally in the same culture or the same country."


The episode featuring Michael Malice is a testament to the complex interplay between personal experiences, political ideologies, and the transformative power of technology like Bitcoin. Malice’s candid and often provocative insights shed light on the motivations behind political actions, the mechanics of power, and the potential for radical change in the form of a national divorce. His nuanced understanding of the political scene, both past and present, offers listeners a deeper comprehension of the forces that shape our world.


00:00:00 Political triangulation
00:11:49 Warren corruption; Roseanne Barr
00:27:04 Trump; political reform vs exit
00:43:37 Bootin’ Wootton
01:01:20 Reform or national divorce?


(00:03) Michael malice uh first time we came out to Austin was I think it was like is South by Southwest like in March or something I I don't know okay first time I came out was to interview Lyn albrook it was episode 10 of the podcast I discovered Bitcoin because I was buying uff stuff on the Silk Road um and then obviously When Ross got arrested it became a big story in Bitcoin so uh I asked interview her came out here turned out it was Ross's birthday um so we did the interview and it was the one it was the show that made
(00:35) me realize oh actually this is important like we can have fun but this story that people hear was important this job is important it's not a hobby I'm going to make this a career but when I came out I was in the the cheapest hotel I could I had no money cheapest hotel in Austin and I would have my little case with my mics there was no cameras back then I had one camera for that one I tried to video it and I was terrible and I met this girl Brandy who you're gonna meet and she um we were just hanging out and
(01:06) and then over the years I kept coming back but they went from that shitty Motel to the Sheran to you know uh what's this what's the haunted hotel the Dr score and then an Airbnb and then like a better one and she was like she said I've measured your career through where you stayed in Austin over the years well is it your career or is it Bitcoin let's be fair I well I think Bitcoin drives a career yeah yeah but but yeah so that Ross one that was important oh yeah no [ __ ] yeah yeah yeah so I mean I wouldn't vote but if I had a
(01:40) vote and I was American and I believed Trump would do it I would he my vote positive he would do it for two reasons yeah um first of all I am fairly sure that he was ready to do it in the first term and it was the attorney general who kind of slow walked it and second of all it aligns with his incentives because it's his way to say FU to the Deep State and it costs him nothing so I had denes dza on my show and he had gone or he he had been convicted some kind of campaign felony it was some nonsense clear
(02:15) politically motivated and Ted Cruz just called up Trump and said you should um commute Janes the sense and he's like okay like that was it so I I think people you know people don't appreciate to what extent a lot of these pardons are just like you know like he assigned this okay uh they don't always get as vetted as they should which is why Trump is pardoning like rappers and like Rob bovich was former Democratic governor of Illinois just like all sorts of things so it happens quite it especially
(02:43) happens on their way out but he couldn't do stuff on the way out because of January 6th and I'm my understanding is Mitch McConnell or Mitch McConnell's people sat him down and go listen you start freeing like a Sange like we're coming for you and your family which ended up happening anyway but like the president presid isn't especially when he's much of an outsider to the party As Trump was isn't as inoculated from party pressure as you know as people might think and hopefully with Ross on the way
(03:10) in it'll be a lot easier well on the way out I I actually was really bothered this week because I tweeted out after Trump announced at the libertarian convention that if if elected president I'm going to Pardon Ross or commute Ross whatever he said I said Hey Joe Biden at Joe Biden wouldn't it be great to make an [ __ ] out of trump you can pardon Russ today don't let him have this issue and some people were like well it would still be Trump freeing him were like do you think Joe Biden reads is mentioned
(03:36) I'm like I'm trying to do something I'm trying to say [ __ ] cares let's get this guy out yeah like like this is your time to me actually like you people are the worst like you never know if that tweet got enough uh traction if some democratic operative is like yeah just what let's get them out it's not impossible they've kind of flipped in all the I mean I want to say Bitcoin but crypto stuff in the last couple of weeks I don't know if you've been following I have not yeah so cuz I know Elizabeth
(04:01) Warren had a had a was on the war path about Bitcoin she has an anti- crypto Army and G like so the the thought is it's not when it's a tribe not an army yeah it's a tribe yeah it's a tribe but it's a tribe that doesn't really understand what they're doing and it's one of these weird things where uh it's a bit like this somebody explained to me with Clinton the reason Clinton did very well is he ignored the radical left cuz he knows they vote for him anyway he went for for the center well no no so it's
(04:32) more specific than that so Dick Morris who was President Clinton's adviser talked about this at length at the time yeah um and he was later disgraced because he was like with hookers and he called like one the the president in front of the hooker to impress him her it was just like like real great guy who is this guy di Morris he was President he was advised President Clinton he was also advised to Trent lot who had been Republican I think Senate Majority Leader Senate from Mississippi at the very least and as Dick Morris told it
(04:57) he's because after uh um 94 when the Republicans took over Congress for the first time in 40 years Clinton was like like I don't know what to do like like am I'm I tot you effed and Dick Morris says okay running for re-election in uh 96 he goes with his left right foot he steps forward these are the Republicans his left foot he steps to the left these are the Democrats in Congress and he steps one foot forward that'll be you so they campaigned on triangulation meaning we're not the crazy radical new Gish
(05:29) Republicans and we're not these crazy leftist Democrats that you voted out and drov in the droves in 94 election I'm in the middle and it was a brilliant strategy and what people don't appreciate in especially in America I can't I can't speak on British Politics on this I think it might be even it's Dumber there because it's more more unitary like the distinction between the Tories and cir is I mean just I think academic probably in certain ways um it's C he's uh um what's his name Rei's
(05:57) no margar thater to put it mly right like he's like a school teacher yeah yeah yeah so the idea that people don't realize that there's this expression Nixon that only Nixon could go to China because Richard Nixon had such credentials as a hardcore anti-communist that if he's going to go to China and toast chairman mauo there's no one to the right to criticize him so he could get away with it whereas someone from the Democratic party the Republicans would be up in arms you're selling out
(06:23) to the red Chinese this is a dictator blah blah blah right so when Clinton who's on the the left of center party he had welfare reform he had a the first balanced budget in like decades these are things where if the Republicans try to do the Democrats to digging their heels but if it's a Democratic president like there's really not anyone to outflank him so uh it was Lawrence O'Donnell U let the hammering stop from MSNBC who made this point on the m m group at the time because he said Clinton went from being the most leftist
(06:52) president in 50 years to being the most conservative because the idea of a balanced budget and like an end to entitlement reform is something Reagan wouldn't even dare to dream of and he pulled it off right and so in the history of presidents how do you rate Clinton because you know I know you're proba hate all of them I don't hate all of them equally yeah exactly as an anarchist I hate government but listen if if there's food stamps and it's inefficient and wasteful and lot of the food gets thrown down maybe people
(07:18) eating too many Oreos I don't care like I don't want starving people so as far as and I'd rather the money be going to like starving kids than bombing kids you know what I mean this is not I hate both but come on this is not a hard distinction to make um the George Will who's just really this kind of way past his prime like clearly on the Spectrum awful conservative uh the only clever thing he's ever said is Bill Clinton is not the worst president but he's the worst person to ever been president now I
(07:47) don't know that that's any longer true and I think Nixon was probably a worse person than him in many ways but in retrospect of the Clinton presidency um because it was so tempered by this uh resurgent Republican Party really was quite successful despite his personal uh uh reprehensible Behavior which which parts of his behavior were repr the raping what the rapes huh I W brri I don't know any of this oh yeah I don't I mean look my US history is limited yeah so uh during when the impeachment was going on and
(08:24) they were trying to pretend that perjury is okay if it's about like [ __ ] uh which is just complete nonsense it's perjury obviously we know all that bit in the UK okay so well what happened at the time ABC News interviewed a woman named Anita brri who had been a Democratic party operative who' been working for the Clinton campaign in some capacity or whatever she hadd been a nurse this is in the 70s in um Arkansas and he's like hey let's have a meeting and as she tells it uh he went back to
(08:53) her hotel room and raped her and I had her on my show and we I brought up Thatcher uh earlier I believe her because there's only two times I've seen this happen where their um affect is perfectly calm but they start crying and there's this disconnect between the eyes and the mouth and the other time I've seen that was the first interview Thatcher gave after she was kicked out at number 10 and she's very calm but like the trauma it's so it's really disturbing to watch this binary emotion
(09:25) so when rindra BR was talking about this rape according to her she was just like being matter of fact but it was also like the tears so it was really like it wasn't like crying like you and I would be crying if God forbid some of your family died you'd be a mess it was just very matter of fact this the verbiage with the emotion was very uh distraught um and ABC News you know who as all major news media Outlets are of the devil uh sat on this story because they didn't want to influence the impeachment
(09:55) so uh and the thing that's interesting is uh according to Wan brri uh as he bit her lip as he was doing it and as he left he said you should put some ice on that and then another woman I think it was Kathleen willly who also said that Clinton forced himself on her he bit her lip as well and neither of them knew each other and they both independently had that same very specific detail uh and at the time um there's a woman named um uh uh complete blank Andre dworin she was the prototypical fat lesbian feminist she's
(10:27) like 300 lb you know she was at the time these radical leftist s very anti- pornography that was her beat and she had this whole tear goes like none of these women in power supported us they all fell in line none of them spoke out against him they knew it was true but they were completely useless and and you have to give credit Andre dworin is like a has a screw loose and people can look her up uh she's very famously accused incorrectly of saying that all sex is rape but she was one of these Lefty feminists who were like you are giving a
(10:57) pass to a Man simply because he's in power and doing things you like which is exactly what feminism is supposed to be against we're supposed to be fighting for unempowered women against powerful men who use their power to impact women who are weaker than them and exploit them sometimes in a physical way are these the people Steve banon brought out during the uh yes yeah not Andrea dworin obviously but w d rodri was one them Kathleen willly was another one wasn't there like about seven or eight wom no
(11:24) there were four it was U um uh Kathleen Willie W rodri um the the the one that they said was came out of a trailer trash I forget her name and the fourth was a kid who had been assaulted as a child and Hillary Clinton had been that person's defense attorney which I guess you could kind of give a little bit of a pass the defense attorney has to do their job you know what I mean so and so forth although this audio of Hillary laughing about it but that's that's neither here nor there Jesus yeah well
(11:49) back to Elizabeth Warren yes I got her socks on let's see isn't she like is it 3% zero oh zero yeah she's made it up yes so genda um chair of the SEC uh previously um MIT had a number of courses on bitcoin and blockchain and so when he got uh chair of the SEC the Assumption was that he might be someone who'd be a little bit more Pro or supportive of what the Bitcoin people have been trying to achieve and there's been a decade of uh applications for ETFs okay yeah uh and so what happened is when Elizabeth Warren started her
(12:31) anti crypto Army the thought can I ask this is Germaine what is their argument against crypto is it racist is it climate change what did they what the issue they have with it well is that people are going to evade the law so I think it it comes from like what your background is is what you understand it I mean I can't tell you what their position is I know Elizabeth Warren has uh made claims that it's you went bad for the environment yeah using too much energy terrorists criminals pedophiles all that
(13:03) kind of stuff I love the idea that like somehow like if you give a terrorist like a pallet of Fiat money they're like oh no no no no I need a digital wallet I'm not going to spend US Dollars like it's it's so it's such I remember and Peter I'm sure you saw this as well there was a headline maybe it's Forbes or or or like um business week which some some kind of you know a malevolent publication I don't think Forbes is that malevolent and it goes like white supremacists are not using bit coin it's
(13:30) like you know what else they use rulers shoes mobile phones ther thermostat thermometers like yeah people use currency well listen there's there's a bigger thing I'm going to put a note so I don't forget to tell you about this Samurai thing um but yeah so it's all the traditional things that that been fed from the media because the media often talks about this um so I think it's a lack of Education real understanding oh come I'm going to have to cut you off because Elizabeth Warren
(13:57) is very bright very educated she knows what she's doing maybe people under but come on no I give the pass because the people I know who work up on the hill they say most of policy comes from the staffers so it goes to the staffers and then she found a thing to grab hold on and I think I think she's this is her mistake I think she saw as a voting block okay there was these Republicans these oil and gas people who now like Bitcoin which is bad for the environment Ted Cruz likes Bitcoin the Texans like Bitcoin well we
(14:27) have to oppose that and so I think she sort as a voting block I Peter I I'm even though I I haven't looked into this I would bet money that she knows that bitcoin's a threat to the fed and to financial hegemony she knows how finances work she's very smart in that issue so there's no way she's going to be this against unless she understands uh what the good thing about Bitcoin is it takes power out of the FED yeah but I think that is one of the things and and but that's a flip in her career cuz if
(14:54) you look she of course she used to be Republican well and she used to fight against the Wall Street people yes but I do think she thinks it as a vote in Block because of the way she put it so front line in her campaign okay but but the mistake is is I don't think you win votes by being against Bitcoin or crypto but I think you can win votes being for it no but she it's not about votes I think it's about um contributions that's what it is it's so she's like I'm the I'm the anti- crypto guy so the people
(15:21) who crypto is a threat to the banks or whoever they're going to feel comfortable funling money to her cuz before she's the anti she was the anti- bank lady well we know that as well because she did a she had a senate testimony hearing whereby who was it I can't remember it was one of the guys from the banks with spoonfed information to speak about the anti- crypto stuff from the the Senate testimony hearing and Sh and I'm trying to remember who it was I'm sorry I'm still stuck on this
(15:48) like terrorists use Bitcoin they also use planes should we ban planes like what what that's what 911 was right yeah but also if if you in front of a terrorist say here's a pallet with a million dollars and here's a Bitcoin wallet with a million dollars oh here we go thank you Senator Tillis I just want to follow up in the same area jie and if I can I want to lay a little background here in November after reports that Hamas had received millions of dollars in crypto funding in the months before its terrorist attack on Israel treasury
(16:18) wrote a letter requesting congress's help in closing the gaps in our anti-money laundering rule Deputy Ado can you you explain why you sent us this letter what were you seeing that caused you hold on can we just send us this letter I I love the idea that like Israeli companies aren't using crypto it's just Hamas like I mean how absolutely disingenuous can you oh no crypto is only for Hamas it's not even for peaceful Palestinians it's not for these Israeli companies tech companies they hate crypto what are you
(16:51) talking about yeah but the thing is is because of the blockade in Gaza and and the issue of getting money to people in Gaza there are people who are now in Gaza who are raising money in Bitcoin to send it to people in Gaza so they can buy food and water which is right which is great of course but she's like Hamas is using Bitcoin as as if no one else is well we call it money for enemies for a reason yeah just I just want to have the guy speak okay c as I spoke to my team about increasingly targeting hamas's Financial
(17:21) Network what I was seeing was the fact that hold on this looks like one of those movies where the kids are in a business suit and you have like The Voice like I don't know who would be Kevin Hart like voicing the character it's not actually the GU thinking of can you just scroll through just see who else we've got there was another guy but like you can tell the so they it's staged it's very staged well one of the things they they found the leaked emails where they were agreeing the questions and answers
(17:52) which they're not allowed to do they're not allowed no I don't think I don't think you're allowed to spoon feed the the answers I think you give the questions but they see if you can find a thing on them scre the answers is is there really that much of a scandal if you're given the answers you know what the answers are going to be anyway I know I I know um yeah but on that thing see if you you can also find because they had to a correction because this was them reported on and they found out
(18:18) that it was such a minuscule amount of crypto and it wasn't even Bitcoin I think it was like a stable coin or something and but then they compared it to the amount how Mass had been using the US dollar and so they had to issue um a correction by the way did you see did you see her get community noted today oh no God woman did you see the one today though it's [ __ ] BR beautiful oh but hold on before you do that I should tell you you shouldn't leave your Twitter open around me or I'll update it and funny things will
(18:45) happen so you can go look at your mentions right now Peter now on the air [ __ ] what have you done what have you [ __ ] done and you can't delet it cuz then you're being a bad sport I'm over BT you [ __ ] all right here we go I'm going to like retweet this Jesus Christ you [ __ ] [ __ ] me there right hold on hold on [ __ ] you for this uh hold on hold on this is this I'll tell you a funny story this so we used to do something get a well tell them what it says we're my phone put over BTC over to e
(19:31) and well I also commented don't leave your phone open around Michael M so people know it's a prank I didn't want to get you in real trouble pranks aren't fun if there's actual consequences it has to be something you know that's fun for everybody okay so uh so work I used to have this advertising agency um and when people used to leave their Facebook open we used to do the same and my favorite what my favorite one to do was go on Google and get a baby scan and just tweet the baby yeah so everyone would
(20:00) think they're pregnant my other ones I've done is William McKinley great president or greatest President Ronald Reagan died with four question marks Andy warhall died with four question marks what's a compound word um that that's those are some of the this is open Warfare now if you leave your phone around okay um so the rule is yeah you have to leave it up as long as it's clarified because then you're being a good sport right that's the rule and the other rule is you can't tweet something
(20:26) that will cause the person actual consequences good good fun so would you would be um I've changed my mind on Hillary Clinton well I I love her I'm voed Debs I'm voed Debs ER is was a joke yeah yeah uh when are when are you and rosean bar gonna get your show oh God I love that woman I'm so if you two had a show it would go off oh it would you two together every week I would watch that without fail it it's I can't I okay so as as people might know Rosanne lives here now I become friends with her every single
(20:58) time we text Tex when they put the phone down I'm like holy [ __ ] I'm texting with rosan bar like every single time without exception and it's I I was I was talking to her son Jake sometimes I'll like imagine like have conversations with her like just whatever and he's like yeah she's like your imaginary friend and she really is she's like my imaginary friend I can't remember a time in my life before Roseanne I feel like she's existed since I was born cuz I used to watch the show um but I didn't realize
(21:26) what a badass she was was was it Rogan she was on she's been on Rogan yeah yeah she and I was like holy [ __ ] this woman's a bad she's the one she doesn't give a [ __ ] she doesn't give a [ __ ] she was on uh Shan Hannity after the whole brewhaha with her tweet and Shan Hannity and I asked her about this because it's really great having access to her because I could pick her brain and I go so she she Sean goes what would you say to Valor Jared if she was here right now he goes she's like do you have her
(21:50) number he's like no he goes just look at the camera and she goes Miss Jarrett um I apologize for what I said I did not know you were black I would never say that about a black person this was not a racial tweet it was political it was about the around deal let's have this be learning opportunity let's all come together and discuss this instead of dividing us As Americans and also that haircut is terrible doesn't do you any favors and I I'm like like I'm like you're being cancelled your show's
(22:15) taken from you and she's like I can't turn it off but she's like I can't and I the thing is if she wasn't Roseanne she'd probably be homeless because imagine her in a board meeting or in an office and like she's sitting with a client and she's saying things like this people like what the [ __ ] are you doing doing well she's one of those rare people who's probably uncan because she doesn't give a [ __ ] and she has enough money to not give a [ __ ] I I and I said
(22:37) to her I go Roseanne how is it that you're a 10 out of 10 on Charisma and a 10 out of 10 on obnoxiousness she goes yeah I guess I'm pretty unique huh how many people are out there who actually I can't say everything I want to say publicly like she would but how many people out there are genu genuinely like that at the moment there's not many but I I think it's also like she can't help herself so it's not only the courage it's that like she's just like this is she how she's wired she was this
(23:04) way since she was a kid you should you just have you had her on your show oh yeah couple I'm listen to that have you I said to her I go Roseanne I have you on such a pedestal it took three cranes to get you there that's like a sex hold on so yeah but if you two did a show together that would blow up it would I would honestly it would [ __ ] brilliant I don't know if you know this but there was a MAG I'm Jewish as well there was a magazine back in there called which was a hipster uh Jewish magazine and they had the German issue
(23:33) and she dressed up as Hitler [ __ ] did a photo shoot and ABC News asked her about it because in the picture on the picture she goes they go it looks like you're baking Jews in the oven because the cookie she goes no no no people thought it was Jews but they weren't Jews they're Palestinians so she just [ __ ] doubled down so I framed that picture of her dressed as Hitler and I wanted her to sign it to Michael it should have been you and she wouldn't do it but she signed it to Michael you're
(23:57) one smart cookie love Mom Roseanne Bar and I have it next to my mentor Harvey Pear's uh um sign thing over my desk so they're kind of looking over me like Mom and Dad she she could have said she went to a fancy dress dressed as Trudeau oh yeah oh did you um I was on timcast Tim pool show and I got a Trudeau mask like cardboard like cut out of him in blackace and I was going to wear it so I'm like I'm not in blackface I'm just dressed as Trudeau and I asked a couple of people and one of them was like this
(24:28) will end you so I held it up but I didn't wear it yeah so I I was in Canada when were we in Canada January great place loved it uh mainly out on the sticks and but we did end up going to Ottawa as part of it and it was the weirdest thing ever it was it was like another country in a country oh and and I remember speaking to this guy cuz we were making a film about the trucker protest like we were Revisited it like different perspectives from rural into the City and all of was really weird people were getting V visibly upset and
(24:59) angry against people who protested they were they they they said these people should not be protesting right it's like what how how can you think people shouldn't protest weird [ __ ] experience or they idea they're protesting for no reason yeah yeah these are people who can't work yeah right yeah and if they can't work they can't deliver you your muffins yes yes um but so anyway so the the thought is that genders come in Pro Bitcoin you know all these ETFs they keep blocking keep blocking the there's no reason to block
(25:29) them and so we think uh Gensler is going to come in and be fair and he continues to block them and the the rumor is is that Warren's promised him treasury secretary how could she Pro I don't understand because she has influence so oh okay via for Biden yeah so he would become the new treasury secretary yeah okay and so he kept blocking and blocking and blocking and then what ended up happening is uh um grayscale who are a large kind of Bitcoin company they sued the SEC and they won I saw this recently yes yeah and so then we
(26:03) now we have all these ETFs here we go oh look this is Savage I'll read out the Israeli bombing of refugee camp inside designated safe zone is horrific Israel has a duty to protect innocent civilians and Palestinians seeking shelter in Rafa and have nowhere save to go netanyahu's assault on Rafa must stop we need to immediately cease fire so the community not is this year Senator Warren voted to supply Israel with 3.
(26:30) 8 of weapons and defund the UN saw Thomas Massie this was recently a couple days ago Thomas Massi quot tweeted her and before the note and he said you you voted to send them the those weapons you paid for those guns yeah she's she's horrible yeah and what a phony yeah could could she ever can anyone like this ever just been done she's done but won't she just stick around in massach yeah but it's kind of she'll sck around kind of like in a herpes kind of way but she was like a big Powerhouse in Democratic party until
(26:58) Trump ended her right and now she's a punchline by the way what do you make of what happened like explain to to the British people at least listening because when are when is this going to air this will Air I don't know does what's the influence well because this just dropped yesterday as we're recording and this is going to be such a dynamic situation well we'll we'll move quick so so so obviously you know Trump's been found guilty but I want to give you the perspective of the UK
(27:27) compared to the US right I'm here in the US and I see basically three sets of opinions very happy uh uh left party voters Democrat voters laughing haha he's going to jail very pissed off uh Republicans magent not just Maga yeah right of Center I'm was wrong yeah but saying he's been saying he's been targeted it's [ __ ] and then um then there's like a contingent of Libertarians who are also saying it's [ __ ] and some of them saying but [ __ ] Trump anyway because he's a politician I'm not siding with Trump
(27:59) I'm being critical of trump but this is [ __ ] I would guess the median 60% of Americans which is like couple standard deviations in either direction would say he's guilty but it's [ __ ] that this is even thought to be a felony in terms of sending someone to jail and I think that's my position like he obviously paid her off yeah like the but this [ __ ] happens all the time certainly it's not grounds to put someone in prison it's just insane there's lots of grounds to for politicians in prison but this is
(28:24) clearly you know people are like well well you know he he actually did it it goes yeah but he it was the Babylon B I think it was that says congratulations to Trump for being the first New Yorker to be arrested for a crime so but it just speaks to yeah like why was that guy Jordan Neely who punched old lady in the face and broke her orbital socket tried to grab a little girl in the street he's not going to jail and he's going to jail for paying off uh keep buying Silence from a porn star it's just completely uh obviously
(28:52) the um uh what they call Pro prosecutorial discretion yeah so by the way I was just in New York um and I know you're a fan of New York it's it's it's really sunk oh yeah I was just there not that long ago do Andrew schelter show and I'm just like I I I I don't think it's because I've been in Austin for almost uh three years now that I've just become that I start noticing how filthy it is I think it has gotten significantly filth filthy and there is in the air there's not this sense of of
(29:22) accomplishment and achievement and hope and like yeah it's gross but we're here we're going to make something special happen I found none of that it seemed so um generic and the new yorkist seemed that I loved so much seemed to be have significantly diminished yeah it was busy there it was a warm it was warm when I was there a lot of people on the streets the restaurants were full which it wasn't you know the year after covid but there was a surprising amount of homeless people and crazy crack eggs
(29:49) yelling at people I hadn't seen it to that level in New York since I think since I first went in the early 2000s yeah and I the subway was just hor again i' I've ridden the subway all my life I still don't have my driver's license it was much worse than it had been like let's suppose 10 years ago people think oh it's always been a 10 out of 10 it was not always a 10 out of 10 and even if it was a 10 they put the dial up to 11 he's not actually going to go to jail though right I think yes oh
(30:16) you think he is um so there's two scenarios one is no one's Above the Law and it's important for me as a judge to make sure blah blah blah the other is uh putting a president in jail uh former president in jail especially during campaign season is really going to be traumatic for America Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon when he became president saying look he suffered enough we don't we don't want to see a president behind bars so I don't know which those will went out I think it seems to me very clear with this judge
(30:47) it's the former um and but I don't know I think you get an appeal immediately and there'll be a stay I I I think the the justice system in this country as effed as it is really will want to make sure they cross their tees and Dot their eyes before they put a president on in campaign season in jail so if he gets an appeal and loses the the appeal but the appeals after November what happens do they send the president to jail well they're sentencing him July 11th which seems unconscionable to me yeah because what
(31:23) the judge needs to do is get all the information about what's the typical sentencing for Crime of nature or crimes he's been fed multiple times and okay let's hear the the low end the high end then I can make a determination that doesn't take 5 weeks and this is something that is obviously a crucial issue in terms of moving this country forward one way or another so you would think he'd really try to kind of speed it up but that's neither here nor there um and if there's the I'm not an
(31:51) attorney at all but part of the appeal will be staying the uh implementation of the sentencing and they'll probably pull it all the way to the Supreme Court and I'm sure they'll take those cases very quickly when it's this kind of stuff they it moves very quickly up to the Supreme Court because they you really want to get them to rule in and and uh uh make a determination okay strange question If he if he was in jail yeah could he still be run for president from jail is it yes but I I yes but the there
(32:18) have been Congress people who have been reelected from jail and we've had Eugene V Debs who been the Socialist candidate ran for president from jail wooder Wilson put him in there and waren Harding freedom but the fact is I think it is um almost a given that if he does go to jail the Republican party will pull him from the ticket right and would they okay so the time the Republican party doesn't love him no I know I know and they'll be they're playing the long game they're happy to take the L on the
(32:48) other hand they're going to alien their their base if they do that so they're in a weird bind and do they not love him because he's managed to hold two fingers up to them and say [ __ ] you I'll just do what I want any theame yeah and he's not you know he's not he's not beholden to their donors like they are that that median 60% you talked about in the UK is going to be a a lot lower I the majority of people in the UK will be like haha yes yeah but you guys are are are is disgrace the word like I I I mean I just
(33:20) don't think we understand the facts no I I no I think you're just a a shell of what you once were it's the the son never used to set on the British Empire and now Rishi sunak is your prime minister what the [ __ ] going on yeah look our politics is [ __ ] yeah okay our politic is Fu and our media is Fu I think but what it is is most people are going to believe what they've been told and so they're not getting this Nuance they not there's not a lot listening to Michael males or listen to Rog or listen
(33:48) to Dave Smith or Tim Paul that the talking heads in the UK aren't talking about it to the level of detail like I have no grasp on US History like you yeah but but that's what I'm talking about like Britain used to be the world leader in terms of discourse and uh debate and nuance and all these things I mean this was Parliament was like the place where like you have these historic battles of ideas and now it's it's it's it's I mean Beyond a joke I really can I ask one question about UK politics
(34:21) yeah I know they're not going to allow my favorite British politician Dian Abbott to run as labor is she going to retire tire please tell me she's running again I have no idea I don't know I love her so much there's um show in the UK a podcast called the rest is politics okay uh it is um trying um Alisa Campbell who was Tony Blair spin doctor and Rory Stewart who ran for prime minister who's you Posh Tory but he's actually really nuanced and intelligent uh has done a lot of foreign policy stuff and they do this podcast
(34:54) out it's really interesting so it's a a guy from the left and the right they come together they talk through the issues you understand their bias but actually it's very reasonable and they did an interview with John Major and and you know he obviously followed thater um I don't know a lot about John Major um he he grew up in abject poverty in Brixton okay really poor uh his dad was a staunch labor voter and so it was a surprise for him to become a conservative party member and a uh conservative uh politician but he said
(35:25) the reason he did is I'm I'm trying to remember this exactly but I think it was along the lines of the conservative party promoted work they wanted you to work and keep your money um but he said the problem with politics today in in the UK is that the uh previous Tory candidates and MPS used to either either come from service so they'd had discipline or come from business so they had they understood business had success and that the traditional labor MPS had come from unions and understood and you
(35:55) know and communities and understood the social issues and they said said you would have these great debates on you know essentially socialism versus capitalism um uh and and he said the problem is now is everyone who comes into politics comes in as someone usually Pro from a highly educated background or at least a medium educated background and they become like a young conservative and they have a career in politics without ever understanding how the world works and so you've seen both the left and the right in the UK come to
(36:23) the center they're both you know High tax big state big surveillance yeah technocrats yeah technocrats uh they're all fearful of you know what they say what words they say might hurt people throw into the mix we have no First Amendment um uh so I think we they've kind of been squashed to the center fighting over a handful of votes the the libdems killed themselves when they went into Coalition with the conservative party because they gave up all their principles for no gain and so it's become it's still a main two-party
(36:57) system with a slightly influential third party and a fringe green party and a few other Fringe groups but essentially they've just come to the middle there's no one I mean I'm I'm not voting wait hold on you're you're missing the big story here because you have been following the polls so we had someone here named Ross perau who ran in '92 and 96 and when Barack Obama ran in 2008 in the Democratic primary uh yes 2008 in the Democratic primier against um Hillary Clinton um it was hers to lose right she
(37:26) she she's this had been the plan for a long time and for him it had to be this Tipping Point of respectability and when he won Iowa which was the first caucus the first vote of the primary season and it was a very very white State then all of a sudden it's like wait a minute this guy has a shot and the floodgates were open and she never recovered she won New Hampshire but then it was just a disaster for her after that he was the independent Guy R no Ross proo is in '92 I'm talking about Barack Obama 2008 in
(37:54) 2008 Barack Obama challenged Hillary for the nomination which is like dude you been in the senate for two years like let's let's SL your role this this is our lady and when he won Iowa which is the first um um nominating uh contest of that Democratic Primary in caucus season all of a sudden it was Off to the Races and she never recovered except for winning New Hampshire uh right after that um point being the Reform Party in the UK has is now catching up if you watch the poll the lines the the Tories
(38:23) have been on a after their biggest Landslide I think in a hundred years uh the last time against Jeremy Corbin with Boris Johnson um both of which are now gone from the leadership it's been a very sharp Decline and reform has been picking up now reform is not getting as much traction as it could have but this is one of the reasons in my view and I think it's indisputable why Rishi called the election now instead of in November because reform is now within like six to eight points and if reform is perceived
(38:54) as having a possibility of winning and not it being we're going to split the right of Center vote and guarantee this for the labor to sne sneek through this might be the effect of n of the Tor party it's not uh likely but it's not impossible no and and look I'm because they're double digits they're in third they're head of the Liv Dems reform 12 yeah yeah but the thing is I didn't know it was that close can you go to the um Wikipedia uh polling for the next British next UK election you'll see the
(39:22) chart and you'll see the trajectory so the thing is since it's first passed the post that 12% of Reform is Ed whereas the limb Dems are concentrated so the limb Dems will actually get seats as it is now reform going get any there look at that look at the bottom right you see where reform is in turquoise and look at the toies in blue no I have not seen insane so once it reaches a certain point where it's like wait a minute we could actually if they get parody they're going to they're going to moon
(39:47) and the Reform Party is you know it's people who don't want to vote for labor it's also people want to vote for the Tes yeah they can't vote for you like traditional Court Tories who cannot vote for the Tories you can't vote for them anymore they don't they don't they don't stand for any traditional conservative politics yeah what conservative policies have been you could ask this with a straight face whether you're a leftist moderate conservative what conservative policies has this Administration
(40:11) implemented I mean it's like nothing Liz trust tried right and they pulled her out six weeks yeah but Rishi are you kidding no no I mean him and cier it's just like one with a Sunan and the other doesn't aren't they basically the same guy they're basically the same guy the I can't divide them I actually couldn't tell you either of their policies apart from I think uh Richie's made like this like hail Mar attempt at a what would feel like a Tory policy which is national service that's a lefty policy
(40:40) yeah but it feels like a Bring It's a policy Bas on discipline yeah but the point is you can imagine the leftist being like everyone has to have some kind of national service that is a very Lefty mindset yeah but it's it's it's a [ __ ] nuts policy of course and it's like this this is your Hail Mary like it's just crazy like who who is you do they not have focus groups in the UK for those who don't can you explain to people because this is so crazy that like please explain it to the audience I
(41:06) don't think well they will have focus groups but it's only as good as the S oh what the the national service yes yeah so Richie wants to bring back national service it's an 18 I think it's 18 months uh I can't remember the age but I think it's from under 18 it's the people who don't want to go to college but I don't know the exact detail because it it was happened when I was out here um but it's a com you can either do military or commun Community work so it's basically the way I saw it is
(41:34) slightly differently you've already destroyed the future of our children their education is [ __ ] okay they cannot afford to go to university they can't get jobs they can't buy you know houses they can't get in hous ladder and now you're going to turn them into slaves and do slave labor for two years this is this is what was so crazy to me because even if you think this is a good idea let's assume which I don't understand anyone who does so forcing literally every young person to just
(41:57) work for the government or for the community for free for for free or for pittance who is clamoring for this nobody as their vote that's what's insane at least throw some red meat to your base and be like you know what if we're reelected we're going to do x y and Zed look it came out of nowhere we're going to privatize the BBC something anything but but the only thing is when it did come out of nowhere but at the same time I did think there was a time I'd like to send my son for some military
(42:25) discipline but you could have done that anyway so there's that policy the only other policy I can think of was the smoking ban which I'm again it's a complete infringement on your rights moving the needle in terms of votes no it's not moving the the only way this is again this is what I didn't understand is why don't you just announce a 10% uh income tax sure cut income tax by 10% and then everybody's going to go ha tor's been [ __ ] terrible now hate Richie but I'm going to have a 10% income tax cut okay
(42:54) you got to cut your budget by 10% you've got to cut your budget from 1.1 trillion to a trillion okay sack a bunch of people in government do the vivate Rami thing and just like all right half of you are going right something something but there's nothing there but at the same time I can't really tell you any K St I've I've just I've checked out from all of it to be honest I don't blame you it's a farce either get I'm I probably know a little bit more about us politics than the UK I'm not going to vote
(43:21) there's no one to vote for I don't care um and I know my time is better off spent building companies and making my comp profitable and spending time with my family you cannot make a difference which by the way I've got another interesting story to tell you about that ironically uh so I'm at war with my local mayor oh okay good full public War what party are they conservative Okay do um I don't know if you know but local electing Mayors they have essentially di dictatorial powers in the coun in the
(43:50) town and so so the council are just rubber stamps yeah look they look they they are part of their party they do have to consider their party um it's hard to get elected without the backing of a party so if the party dump you you're not going to get reelected right so you you can't push it too far um but this guy he's is uh his name is Tom won his dad is gold Ted is known as Tesco Ted locally because he had lots of land in Bedford and sold it all to Tesco for millions they got really rich we traditionally had this um libd mayor
(44:23) called Dave Hodson Dave he's called Dave the mayor on Twitter he I think he was for like three terms at least two so 8 to 12 years he was fine he got stuff done nothing amazing nothing offensive you standup guy we got we got changed to our High Street we got new shopping districts we got stuff done yeah anyway went to vote but the Tories changed the policies on voting can you look up the actual policy change but it was something to do they used to have it so after the first round your your vote would go if your uh person got
(44:55) eliminated your vote would go to your second I can't remember what they rank Choice voting they got rid of that and went F first past the post so Tom won ended up wouldn't have won but he ended up winning it was by like 150 votes so anyway do you know I am you know I own a football team yeah we've been very successful won the league two years in a row Our Ladies have won the league we set up a hardship fund for kids who can't afford to play football that's Wonder yeah it's and and if you
(45:23) can't if parents can't afford we'll pay your fees and buy your football boots with the only ones investing in girls football in the town uh we've done loads of [ __ ] and oh and then we've got Americans that keep flying over to watch games and buying our merch have heard of Bedford so we we're clearly good anyway about 6 months in um when our lease was about to get renewed for the land um he he contacted my brother who's our secretary and said oh we're not renewing your lease um you need to move somewhere
(45:51) else and my brother's like we've just spent two years agreeing the terms we're ready to sign like we sent it signed he said no we're not going to do it and so we called a meeting we went in and we showed them the plan of everything we're doing all the money and the investment coming in and he said oh well we're next door to another team called Bedford town he said I know you lot don't get on and they're upset with you because of your flags basically I put these big flags up on our clubhouse so people watching
(46:17) their game with see our flags I like that scull scull and crossbones anyway he said I know you don't get on so you've got to move and it's like it would take three to four years to build a new ground if we don't have one in 2 years when our lease ends um we will fold as a club and he just kept not replying to emails not turning up at meetings and was just like and it so anyway we did the research turns out he went to school with the guy runs the other team and they're friends oh God so he called a meeting and this team's
(46:45) scared of us cuz comeing out like a train so anyway it carried on and on and on and I ended up bumping into in the town center and I just CED him and said look this isn't on he said no I'll get it sworded I they ended up sending us a new lease that had basically all these termination Clause Clauses that came in after 3 years when his term is up but one of them was if the ground is used by anything other than the men's first team uh will terminate your lease effectively Banning Our Ladies which he knew
(47:18) existed so the Football Association give him a call and said what are you doing you can't ban women he said well if the women want to play here they can write to me and ask for permission I know it's a total Scandal so so I emailed him and said look we're ceasing negotiations what you're doing is a disgrace you cannot ban women from playing football this is like [ __ ] from the 60s when women were banned um and S then the papers we told the papers they got in touch and he said oh no it was a
(47:45) drafting error it was obviously a lie because you know s like two letters were misspelled yeah and he and he and he acknowledged that that was in the in the agreement he wrote to us and said will we remove it but but it's not and if it is a draft in error well then you're a [ __ ] cuz you haven't read through the draft so anyway so I've now declared full public war with him and I've gone for him really [ __ ] hard publicly I've called him out on all his failed policies I've found out that he's not doing work he's
(48:15) had yeah so he's had things taken away from him so it's been I think it's a weird thing for a town like our to experience because usually a mayor just does a job and everyone listens and then you got this lunatic like me who just like [ __ ] you can I give you some Soviet advice yes please being born in the Soviet Union you you have decent money yes I'm okay uh if I were you and I had the money to burn I'd put him under surveillance and I would tell him that he's under surveillance huh it's not
(48:45) gonna it's you can afford it it's only for a couple months it'll make him crazy that's not a bad shot so the other thing this is what I really want to talk to you about so the other thing I've been thinking about is running for me don't do it no but but he'll run the table on you how do you mean he'll run the table on you what does that what you like he he'll he'll he'll win oh he won't win I've got so much public support locally yeah but you you Peter these people play
(49:12) dirty like do you understand where you're getting up into these are gangsters this this guy isn't a gangster get get Tom up but he's got farmer but he's got a gang behind him yeah but but I can have a gang behind me okay I I said my piece well look let me tell you why do you want that huge pay cut I don't are you kidding me this yeah the [ __ ] is that yeah what is going on in your country I know uh what the [ __ ] is that yeah that's our there that's the old one is that Dave the mayor yeah I I
(49:45) think what is that thing it's like Grimace without his suit do you know Grimace do you have him there from McDonald's no can you pull up Grimace g r i m a c e we went we had our first meeting with he's grimace that's he looks like Grimace under the suit [ __ ] so so listen I have got a lot of public support but everyone sees what we're doing with the football team I won an award in Bedford I won an award who done the most to promote the town I set up a fund for kids like I've got support
(50:14) and if I run with another party say the libdems I would have full party support and I don't care if he plays dirty or my passes in the history people know I've done drugs and whatever just okay but but this is my thesis if I win what I want to do is um I won't actually do the job my brother will do the job I will just be policy and so why don't you have him run well but I I don't know how much of a chance my brother has of winning I think I have a chance okay but what I want to do is I want to strip out all the
(50:44) [ __ ] but they say and I'm going to say my my policy is very simple I'm cutting tax every single year I'm here and we have to find a way of eliminating services to do that and that's it okay I just did a are going to allow this that's those at Tor policies well ensi well so so I know I'd have to do um I I know with the lib Dems I'd have to convince them like we can win together but these are my policies this is the bit I'm not moving on is the 1% reduction in council tax every year I'm
(51:17) there well then you got to talk to what's his name Pete the mayor whatever was his name Dave the mayor already seen him okay if if you have his endorsement then you could go somewhere yeah so so I'm thinking about like I'm just thinking about it obviously Michael the other side of me is like it's a lot of work it's a lot of you have to talk to these simpletons yeah I know I know it's really hard I mean I'm sitting here it's killing me right now but it's killing me watching them Crush my town like these
(51:42) people interfering yes this listen I left New York so what they did to New York is nothing like what they did to Bedford obviously but I hear you and it's like a knife in the heart I think what they did to New York was worse that's what I'm saying it's like it's it's yeah yeah that's exactly what I'm saying but but I'm not going to leave Bedford correct yeah I'm but I'm saying I can I feel your pain I know what it's like when something you love and a place you
(52:07) cherish is being shat on for no reason yeah but but my thought is if I can get on the inside I can I want to get on the inside and see can you throw hand grenades and can you actually change things yeah but that's what Trump thought also now he's going to jail not that you're going to be as big a threat to the machine as he was but yes yeah yeah I know I know I know but but he's a threat to the global yes yes the global Reserve currency and the the the Deep State you're a threat to to Lady soccer
(52:39) the the the Deep state of Bedford is the Bedford Club under the Paris Avenue where they play snooker is that true yeah no they do so it turns out so I wrote this public letter and I just called them I call them a bunch of dogs I mean look private people can do what they want in private but it's a it's a men's only Gentleman's Club where all the old private school boys go and hang and they don't want women around them I think is a bit Antiquated I think like fun to make fun of them but private
(53:04) people should do what they of course um but yeah so I'm thinking of doing it the reason I wanted to bring it up with you is like what would be the most Michael malice way of doing it oh um well it wouldn't be a Michael malice way of doing because my whole um strategy is to be very um divisive and I try very much I'm a Velvet Rope person I want to alienate the people I don't want in my audience right I want there to be cost of Entry because I want to build sleeper cells and not stadiums so my strategy would be
(53:39) the exact wrong like a lot of times people would be like on Twitter or or the place like why are you so abrasive if you came at me with an open mind you might persuade me and I'm like I don't think you'd be I think you'd be a net cost huh so that's exactly the wrong approach because with you writing from me or anyone else every vote matters and every vote's equal and funable so what I would do is I'd do a lot of uh focus groups I'd figure out what issues people care about Pander to them on those I'm
(54:07) sure they're going to be fairly reasonable to be honest if it's like local Bedford elections it's not going to be some kind of radicalism no it' be a new bus shellter yeah or something like that and and promise that and see that you could deliver it do the math yeah and and and I'd say I'm going to be here for one term in I'm out one term yeah well if I could reduce tax every year for four years and leave you set the standard no you don't well you you can set a standard that is possible sure but
(54:37) then they they're they're going to say he's cut taxes too much so I have to raise them yeah and it's these people are Shameless you know I know I know that but it's like you know I just had this guy in uh in fact I'd ask you if I was you so interrupt you I would interview all the former mayors and ask them have them even on your show they'd love the the attention what got you elected What policies work here in Bedford What policies cost you support how could you gauge the gain in support or loss of
(55:06) support because they they don't have these meters that are like you know like currency where it's like changing every second and have them do your work for you H well I might go for it okay it's going to cost money too yeah but it's not a lot I've looked it won't even cost £100,000 seriously yeah they don't spend a lot oh yeah you know basically whoever it is they usually put up some posters in the town they go to a few meetings they knock on some door shake hands because usually the party does the work for you if I ran
(55:43) as an independent can I say one more thing you got the perfect line okay you ready this is going to appeal to lefties and tories and to libdems protect women's football so it sounds like you're being against the Leah Thomas of the world so the Tories will have that dog whistle feminists will appreciate it and it's also true could it be can I even more antagonist protect women from Tom yeah what you mean you voted for the misogynist yes um but anyway like I say it's and then you should sell pink footballs with
(56:23) his face on them so every girl could have a kick at his face we we put it what did I put out the Tweet with the um I was trolling Our Ladies team won the treble the won every Trophy and so I uh I put a tweet out trolling him on it yeah but put a football with his face on it so the thing is if I ran independent that's where it gets expensive okay yeah you don't want to do independent you need Party Support people are when um Upton Sinclair who was a prominent American writer from the early 20th century he ran for um as a socialist
(56:54) repeatedly and then he got the goet torial nomination in 34 as a Democrat and his point was people are going to vote for the party that the grandfather voted for like that's just how it is so it would be nuts in my opinion to run as an independent especially when you have a three- party system and in effect the live Dems are almost independent yeah you know they don't really have as much of a character on a local level yeah CU I think a lot of to Echo that a lot of people will turn up and they will tick
(57:20) the one they've always ticked but and then you've got this very small amount of Swing votes which is people I know or people I know know who can have a bit of influence yes um and then you can probably cuz I I've got some voice in the town I can be a bit of a loud mouth on certain issues and scare them off did you find it there's like six tweets oh so this is funny so one of the counselors who was uh campaigning against us uh we found a bunch of photos of them going to watch the rival team oh
(57:48) wow yeah and is there the one of the photo of her wearing the team's shirt the mayor's a liar I love that yeah the mayor is a liar yeah there's her so that's the mayor and the council who worked against us and she's wearing the team's Jersey he looks like grimus even more in that picture there was the one where I just had uh the no bloody women one I don't know if that would come up maybe I put it on Facebook I just I posted a picture of our ladies with their treble and a picture of him with a speech
(58:17) bottle of no bloody women yeah um no he's I mean he's horrific it's the other thing is I've discovered a lot about how the council runs and what's really interesting so I'm trying to open a cafe in the town for my football team so we have a sharp and an advert in the town and a cafe will make1 50,000 a year but you have to pay £16,000 a year business rates just to exist so you so that's going to be anything from 10 to 20% of your turnover but they've got this new thing called
(58:47) the bid which the council set up and enforces but is run by an independent body and it's 2% of whatever you pay on your taxable rate goes to the bid who does marketing and promotion in the town and obviously they're terrible at it because they're not a free market marketing agency but to me it's like racketeering yes it is even worse they have a vote I I don't know if it's every year or every two years whether they should keep the bid but the council gets a vote for every empty shop and there's enough
(59:16) empty shops in them to swing the vote but the reason we got all the empty shops is cuz no one can afford to keep their business going there's an incentive to keep them empty yeah so so we've got this town which is collapsing we've got we've got our own version of New York where we've got you know crackheads and alcoholics and I even saw somebody in a tent for the first time in Bedford it's like this horrible managed Decline and so hence why I want to run for May to see if I can when when would
(59:43) that happen is that this year no I to announc in a year no it's three years I've got three years yeah I've got ages oh okay so you announce in a year although I'm kind of announcing why people listening that I'm thinking about it and then you campaign for 2 years and then if you win why don't you do right now uh it won't cost that much get a little poll see if if the election were held today how would you do against them just one-on-one and and I think that'll be very informative yeah but I've got to
(1:00:10) see where I where would I do the poll because most people wouldn't have heard of me but but that's interesting if his number is low because here in this obviously it's different there because it's you're going to have three or four parties but here it's when you have these um for example it's like a democratic center from Michigan and her Republican is some unknown if she's at like 39 and he's at 20 that's really bad because if you're the incumbent your number need should be up over 50
(1:00:35) automatically so that means there's 61% of people who are already ready to vote against you so if his number even if your number is going to be much lower than his is like some pretty low number that'll be very informative what happened didn't the poll shift yester yesterday or two days ago three days ago when this conviction happened well the conviction happened yesterday so they couldn't have had poll yes I thought I saw something's gone up % and he Trump's gone up 6% that's why
(1:00:58) went up 6% and he got another 35 million donations money I'm sure but there's no way they could have pulled that quickly I don't know how they do the polling yeah there's no way huh it could be some kind of Internet poll but you know those are not scientific at all yeah okay yeah yeah why so I I mean look what your general like your observations and knowledge of history of politics is is is really like incredible any topic I bring up or anyone I bring up you seem to you know know their entire history but do you do
(1:01:32) you think of ways for there to actually be effective change from this swamp that we have of politics or are we just stuck with this forever and this slow decline uh I I was a I'm one of the big proponents of national divorce um I to your point I don't see I think there's I think at it's very clear you have many congress people and the only time you know they're telling the truth is when they're like retiring droves and they're like this place a mess like we can't I had Justin Amash on
(1:02:02) my show he's a former congressman from Michigan and he's like I'm like is is Washington more like vep or is it more like House of Cards he goes he's like it's more like V goes but you don't understand no one cares about policy and I I I think back to when I was in college I took a course at American University and the professor who's still just an awful person and he still teaches there and uh he still in the same job he had in 97 and the greatest accomplishment he had was having me as a
(1:02:30) student um then his wife was a real you know uh s um uh point being every time we'd have a different speaker and I remember there was a lobbyist who came and he said here's how it works I can take a bill and I want to pitch it to the Democrats and I'll call it the farm fairness Bill and then I cross it out and I go to the Republicans and I call it the farm Freedom Bill and it could have literally the same language and that's exact how you sell it right Patriot Act you want to be a patriot don't you come on Peter I why would I
(1:03:03) want I love this country Patriot yeah 911 just happened I want Patriot and sign me up yeah so it's completely farsal you know when people talk about the you know Republicans are going to be a check on uh Runway sending we saw Trump had a republican Congress there was not $1 of Obama's budget that was cut if you went back to Obama the beginning of Obama 8 which is when the budget was half what it is now you'd sound like a lunatic so there's no appetite in DC from either party toward moving the budget at all or else they'd
(1:03:37) be running on it and there's no appetite with the people either that's the thing is that because it's become a stalemate or CU it's not the right character characters of people there is like is this an organic problem that's just I think it's inherent in the Democratic process people going to vote for more stuff for themselves and someone else is going to be paying for it and the thing is when you have U um deficit Finance spending you could just run that credit card until it's too late this is one of
(1:04:03) the benefits of bigcoin obviously as opposed to Fiat with Fiat they're just going to run those machines at a certain point you know everyone and the thing with Fiat that's also insufferable as is you and everyone listening to this can appreciate is it [ __ ] over the poorest people first when inflation hits if you and I lose let's suppose 10% of her money it would suck if I'm at the Working Poor and I lose 10% that's a major change in my lifestyle and it's horrific what it's happening to these
(1:04:29) people and no one gives a [ __ ] about them yeah so there's um there's an organization called fre op a guy called OIC Roy runs I think you you'd really get on with him I was with him last night and uh he did a study said even like we had 10 12% inflation 15 whatever he said even at 2% uh inflation it has a a massively compounding effect on the poor yes it's the poorest who get [ __ ] absolutely [ __ ] the most and first yeah first and the most their wages don't catch up often they're in jobs
(1:04:59) where maybe their wages are tied to specific bands you know so like government workers always struggle because it's bad you know in the UK teachers and nurses they're the ones having to you know go through Union the campaign because a you know 2% rise for every nurse is it's a big bill for the government of course yeah I even I made a film with the UK on inflation and I went to a food bank and I met a nurse there and I was like TR trying to find out from her you know what happened to her life she's just said I cannot afford
(1:05:30) to pay for my rent and feed myself on a nurse's income wow isn't that [ __ ] shocking yes so this uh this um this inflation thing yes it's it's [ __ ] terrible um uh and all I see is just a massive increas in spending all the time yes massive it's been escalating yes and it's it's it's you know it's even worse inflation is 10% for both of us is particularly bad but if you have assets if you have Bitcoin you have gold you own equities maybe you own house certainly houses it it actually benefits
(1:06:13) you yes you actually get rich it's a transfer from the poor to the wealthy yeah which is like the opposite I would think of any kind of policy like the most perverted like I'm not in favor of progressive income taxation but the idea that you're going to rob the poor to pay the rich this just a perversion of basic decency so so are there any realistic proposals on or ideas behind a national divorce do you think it's a realistic thing you guys just left the EU right yeah but I mean leaving the EU is us as
(1:06:42) a you know sovereign country leaving a union and I know you're a union of States but but you're more of a country you're not like 52 separate countries sure but it culturally we're not 52 separate countries but certainly we're certainly not one yes so even though as a Texan I speak the same language as someone from Boston we're not functionally in the same culture or the same country only you only say that because one only says that because Washington basically forces us all into one big blob but culturally
(1:07:12) intellectually in every other way we do not share the same values we just share the same language and that's decreasing the case as both uh there's more than two sides but for simplification terms two sides are going to even speak about certain issues using different verbiage so even the language is kind of uh uh disintegrating as a means of communication and frankly our political discourse is not meant to communicate it's meant to manipulate right like it's just framed in a certain way to kind of
(1:07:36) force the outcome you want so I think you're going to have increasing movement in that direction I and again I could be wrong just because I can't imagine something you can't imagine something doesn't mean it can't happen I hate that like well I've never heard of this well doesn't mean it can't happen but I to say my point is I can't imagine a situation where after the November elections here half of the country is like okay I'm cool with this good luck Trump or or yeah or good luck Joe yeah I
(1:08:07) don't see it you want a fair fight right like like people were pissed and when Obama was the Republicans were pissed but there wasn't this idea of like they're going to fight him but there wasn't this idea of the system is screwed beyond recognition that that's not that was a case a little bit in 2000 uh with bush and and this the little hanging chad situation in Florida but this is for the first time in my lifetime where both parties and the people behind them are at the point where if they don't win they will not
(1:08:37) both sides will not regard the outcome as legitimate anyway it will definitely go to the courts it will definitely be accusations in that's the thing in 2016 if Trump had lost the Republicans would have been like all right like what do we expect they're too powerful there you know everyone collaborated for Hillary but there wasn't this sense of like she didn't really win but if Biden pulls it out in 2024 they will think it's they'll they'll point to the the um crime stuff the felonies and they'll be like he's
(1:09:04) this is completely legitimate and [ __ ] and they're not entirely wrong if it's the other way it's like I I know what happened with you know the Republican voters the Maga crowd because they felt like the previous election it was stolen from them and I also know there's obviously uh uh Democrat voters who feel like Trump tried to subvert the results I'm aware that all happen and I I can I can visualize what Republicans voters would do if Biden wins this time no you can't well a little bit I mean I think it's going to
(1:09:35) go off the chain yeah like what I mean is I don't think it would be accepted and the way they yes correct and how they won't accept it you know I don't know how extreme that that's right we're on the same page how extreme that gets I don't know they've got the guns if if it's the other way though and Trump wins and uh there'll obviously be you know a number of people very upset screaming and and such but how do they react because I'm less fearful of them when they lose in terms of I'm less fearful
(1:10:05) of them pulling out their guns correct but there we don't know what it would look like because again we remember we had three years or four years of hashtag not my president yeah that Putin stole this election this idea that when the military lied to the commander-in chief who was Trump he was cheered by the media that like this guy isn't really president so you don't have to inform him which is treasonous frankly uh I don't really care one way or another but like if this was any other president you
(1:10:29) you there would be scandals and like looking into things and so on and so forth um I it'll depend on what how the Republicans fall in line um in Congress and otherwise but listen I people don't remember this but during the Trump presidency William weld former Republican governor of Massachusetts was on CNN openly calling for his execution he said in his words what Trump has done I think was Ukraine call is treason and I remind you the punishment for treason is death so when you have already the beginnings of when you you know it's
(1:11:03) kind of like when you're in relationship and the first person is like you know maybe we should see other people you can't unring that Bell when you start talking about assassination of presidents on CNN this is you got to be in my view and I'm an anarchist really be careful about putting things out there and you know if that kind of thing becomes normalized violence sings its own and yeah I've made this point on Rogan and I'll make it again because I think it needs to be made if Middle America
(1:11:32) started putting up Guillotines in this country the corporate press would be tripping over themselves laughing at how dull the blades are these people are so smug and I say this is a very smug person and so contemptuous and you have this in the UK as well of Labor like I don't mean labor party I mean like Union Blue Collar people people in Middle America that it's a joke to them that they think they have problems where the only problems they care about whoever is their little you know Niche group of the
(1:12:02) Moment by the way have you watched Civil War the film I've not it was such a disappointment it was it okay yeah yeah what what do you think the film would really be about what kind of film based on the trailer I Civil War what do you mean have you seen the trailer for civil war film yeah like I thought it' be an action film yes that's what I thought too it's not really it's it's it's more like civil conflict it should we call no so do you know what it is it basically follows the photographers and
(1:12:27) it's really unrealistic there's these moments where CU California and Texas are in a union together right I know the [ __ ] you talking about well you know what that was about though the the director didn't want people to he wanted to tell the story of what a potential Civil War would be but he didn't want to point the finger at that this is what Trump could do he was he was fearful of inspiring so so yeah the Western Union of Texas and California right yeah but that that that kind of breaks it as well
(1:12:54) but but it was mainly in the photographers it was really their story and it was a story of uh brutality as well I mean it's particularly brutal and Savage you see I don't know I don't know if you care I ruin it but there like you see piles of bodies being put into Graves like the things that you you've been told are happen in Ukraine and Russia you see it in in America but actually I think the biggest trick they miss is I didn't want to see this I wanted to see this I wanted to do the preall yeah right what popped off
(1:13:27) yeah what popped off and why it popped off and I think they missed the trick with that so it was disappointing okay National divorce is that a you're you're a proponent of that you're a supporter of that has the does the US ever have referendums nationwide referendums which aren't an election I I I don't think it would be a function of referendums huh I think it would be a function of states or unilaterally and then like them trying to do something and then being shut up pretty quick it would have
(1:13:52) that's how the process would go like for example if Scotland uh unilaterally said okay we're independent is King Charles really sending in the tanks right at a certain point it's going to be like all right what's going on here it would be especially if there was a referendum with let's I know it's different over there but if they had the SNP got their wish and you had another referendum and it was like 65% of Scots voted to leave um and they're saying we want to be part of the EU we we don't want to part of
(1:14:17) the UK I I don't think it would be that easy to just be like well too bad I think it would get pretty tricky pretty quickly yeah I mean it would be accepted actually okay yeah the the the you know the results of the referendum tend they tend to be kind of accepted yeah we're pretty good at that so even though that's a huge chunk of the United Kingdom I think that would be so that's that's so if tech so as of now on the Texas Republican party's official party uh positions there will be a referendum
(1:14:49) on Texas Independence on the ballot the Texas Republican party officials tried to stop stifle that I think it's going through through the legal process but point being the steps are being made um now if you look at it more like Canada where Quebec tried to do this a few times and as a result of this they didn't get independence but they got a lot of concessions and in many ways they just like Devolution to Northern Ireland and to Scotland they got that that is something that is conceivable I don't
(1:15:17) think that's likely I think it's far more likely that Texas would force its independence than that Washington is going to really give Texas or any other state a huge chunk of its you know um sovereignty back right okay and so if it was independent would it would it just yeah so I'm trying to understand would it be an independent country it would be an independent country but I think if here's the thing I think if Texas leaves it's dominoes yeah others will join yeah there's no question but do you think it
(1:15:45) becomes a kind of like a blue red divide or a blue red and purple I I don't think it's divides neatly as blue and red so it's funny because a lot of people like well you know there's no blue there's no red States these blue states have red populaces in the countryside than blue cities and so like some people are going to be unhappy it's like yes if Texas leaves there's going to be a lot of blue State Texans who are going to be unhappy yeah and that's the status quo now there's lots of red State Texans who are
(1:16:10) unhappy with what's going on in Washington so there's never going to be a situation where everyone is happy but if they have choices you could live whichever if you could live in this new Texas or you could [ __ ] off back to California you know I think it'll be a lot easier to self sort one of the things with this Texas abortion law which is completely crazy um not because it's pro-life but because there's something here called standing which is if I punch you in the face you can sue me for damages or a criminal thing but
(1:16:37) someone else is not but with this text abortion law if you give me as a pregnant man an abortion someone else can sue either of us it makes no legal sense right it's it makes no legal sense it's a very basic principle of Juris Prudence but this crazy law has done and please double check what I'm saying because it's so crazy I'm hoping I'm misunderstanding it but what's what's good about it is it's keeping away the awful the affluent white female liberals because they know
(1:17:06) this is not a country for them so they are just being driven away in droves so is the are these like chess moves towards independence yes and whether by Design or otherwise I don't think By Design but clearly if you have California where it's you know abortion every day and we help pay for it and here you know if I find out you give some an abortion I can get involved and put either of you in jail these are different cultures and so I I I think longer term will there have to be borders on States yeah that's the
(1:17:36) problem Texas doesn't have an effective Southern border now because of Washington yeah that that I understand and the flood of M I mean I'm just following the regular news updates of people being murdered and killed and assaulted and yes and assaulted and raped and kids being uh molested and people are being sent back and coming back in like is there truth is there a truth behind the idea that these people are being brought in for votes or is it just progressiveness gone mad it's they're not being brought in for votes
(1:18:06) but allowed in for votes yes that's the one because if you we have this bizarre I don't think any other country on Earth has it please double check me we have birth right birth right citizenship if you're born in American soil you're a citizen like you don't have to do any work so you have these they didn't like ter anchor babies you come over you you have a kid on American soil that kid is a citizen and that kid will keep you and your whole family here even though the rest of you have no right to be here
(1:18:32) kind of uh under current policy whole because you're going to separate a mom from a kid so it becomes a whole thing so I think that is something that really needs to be um looked at uh and and and reconsidered and if you're going to have all these voters and you say with a straight face listen if you let the other party in they're going to take away they're going to kick out Grandma Abella whereas if we're here she'll have full Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid who's going to get their votes
(1:19:00) it's not even a question it's also [ __ ] nuts yes yes oh well but on the other hand I'd much rather have like 100,000 people here from Mexico than 100,000 Harvard graduates because one is going to be much more malevolent destructive and one you know are going to be hardworking and for the most part poor there's going to be some more crime but in ter terms of that crime it's going to be much less than the crime of destroying this country yeah I mean it's it's just it's incredible watching like from the
(1:19:32) outside watching it just watching the the crumbling of this country um and it's so sad because you you see you see it all at a policy level but you meet people and you America's full of incredible people incredible hardworking people principle people who want to build this country yes and uh yeah it's [ __ ] by the way there was I put a note down to tell you about something earlier this was about the samurai wallet people I don't did you hear about these people so they created a wallet it's a Bitcoin
(1:20:04) wallet and they have a technology it they call whpo and so the problem with the Bitcoin blockchain is uh you can trace every transaction right so if I send something to you you send it to C they can follow the whole thing fine it's good to have a transparent Ledger for some reason so we can verify the 21 million but some people don't want to be traced some people don't want you to know I bought a ball or whatever just stay out my [ __ ] business we should have transaction privacy so these Samurai guys they built a wallet
(1:20:33) essentially you make a transaction I make a transaction Kurt does they mix them all up and they send them back and so nobody knows they come from that's smart okay very useful tool for private privacy uh there's another one called Wasabi uh it's a tool that's regularly used uh by uh activists who are campaigning in places like Russia to hide where the transactions come from so they can spend money like naani used to you know his his group used to use it but they used to make jokes about it so
(1:21:04) they like they used to put memes on Twitter and one of them was like uh you can use this to evade sanctions money for enemies that's funny yeah it's funny they've been arrested it's closed down they're facing 20 years in prison for arrested by who the Biden Administration uh so in the US yeah no in the US American the Biden Administration I I assume it's FBI and and I assume it's finsen it's the finen uh regulations they've been set to break but also your federal laws about
(1:21:35) uh look and the truth is it's it's getting it's it's every year it gets harder and harder for my Anarchist mind to understand how people can look at government as something other than organized crime of course it's not of course well well it is for me yeah it is for me but I don't think still think a lot of people have been gastl into accepting no privacy you know cuz you had Facebook who took away your privacy you have every hack and you have governments you have the stod like people have just accepted it but these
(1:22:07) guys I have nothing to hide I have nothing to hide so you I should you have something to hide right what are you hiding go we need this for the pedophiles we need you to be able to access your phone because of the pedophiles throw pedophile or terrorist in there what do you see right but yeah they're facing 20 years in jail they one of them's currently under arrest here one has been I think arrested in Portugal set to be extradited and and after that Wasabi closed down so all the activists that were using the tool to hide uh their
(1:22:35) transactions within um you know authoritarian states with their activists they now don't have a tool to use but even worse there are uh Bitcoin wallet providers like Phoenix it's just a Bitcoin wallet that uses the lightning Network which has some privacy features they've left cuz they're fearful then that's going to be the next Crackdown so they're coming after hard yeah what do you want me to say I mean these people should I can't say what I should say exactly you can't say
(1:23:06) it but uh yeah so they they they're coming at everyone so [ __ ] them you want going to eat yes let's do it let's go get steak mes thank you very much my pleasure see you later everyone


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