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455: AI-Powered Tyranny with Whitney Webb

Oct 20, 2023
TFTC Podcast

455: AI-Powered Tyranny with Whitney Webb

455: AI-Powered Tyranny with Whitney Webb

Whitney Webb is back to discuss the parallel developments that are unfolding at the moment. There is a systemic financial crisis, a war breaking out in the Middle East, a push for CBDCs, and the rise of centralized AI all happening at the same time. The increasing chaos is setting the stage for a massive power grab and infringement on civil liberties that we haven't seen since the years after 9/11. Will we avoid a future driven by AI-powered tyranny or will people wake up and start using freedom tech to remove themselves from the chess board?

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0:00 - Intro
6:04 - Clown world spirals closer to WWIII
16:51 - Divide and conquer through “pick a side”
24:03 - “Israel’s 9/11"
28:57 - Neocons trying to regain base
33:00 - Financial crisis
37:57 - CBDCs and financial cancelation
42:55 - Luongo’s theory
45:14 - Ending anonymity
47:56 - Big tech vs freedom tech
55:18 - AI
1:12:21 - Christian Zionism
1:26:14 - Keep your mind through the clown world
1:35:42 - AI religion
1:45:21 - Bitcoin is a revolution against the cyber/banking regime
1:51:25 - Wrapping



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