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New Year Narratives: AI & ETFs with Matt Dines

Jan 5, 2024
The Last Trade

New Year Narratives: AI & ETFs with Matt Dines

New Year Narratives: AI & ETFs with Matt Dines

Key Takeaways

The episode delved into the potential impact of AI on the economy, the excitement around technology trends, and the anticipation surrounding the approval of a Bitcoin ETF. The discussion also covered the effects of AI on the job market, the importance of Bitcoin custody within the U.S., and the strategies of fund managers regarding Bitcoin investment products.

The conversation highlighted the rapid growth of AI, comparing it to previous technological innovations like the iPhone. The panelists discussed how AI tools are already enhancing productivity and speculated on the broader economic implications, including the potential for a shift from a knowledge-based economy to a capital-based one, with Bitcoin playing a pivotal role.

Regarding the Bitcoin ETF, the panelists expressed optimism about its approval, emphasizing the significance for institutional investors and the broader financial market. They discussed the creation of Bitcoin depository receipts as a new investment vehicle and the amendment of fund prospectuses to include Bitcoin exposure, signaling a growing institutional interest in the cryptocurrency.

Best Quotes

  • "The underlying sentiment of how people are going to behave, I have no idea what they drive price to this next cycle, but the actual waves underneath this thing, there is a lot of energy behind this thing, so who knows where it goes to?"
  • "The financial institutions and service providers like that, who are just focused on Bitcoin only – I think that becomes an asset in this as opposed to foregoing the marshmallow in the last cycle and the cycle basically since [Litecoin] showed up."
  • "If you build it and this is like a terrible product, in my opinion, people, they're going to allocate in."


The podcast episode provided a comprehensive analysis of the current state and future prospects of AI and Bitcoin within the economy. The panelists conveyed a sense of cautious optimism about the transformative potential of AI and the impending approval of a Bitcoin ETF. They discussed the need for a strategic approach to integrating these technologies into the existing financial system and the importance of attracting and retaining capital within national borders.

The conversation underscored the belief that despite the challenges, such as potential job market disruptions and regulatory hurdles, the advancements in AI and the adoption of Bitcoin could lead to significant economic opportunities. The episode concluded with an acknowledgment of the importance of long-term thinking and the potential rewards for those who have resisted short-term temptations in the cryptocurrency space.


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