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444: Fiat Ruins Everything with Jimmy Song

Sep 6, 2023
TFTC Podcast

444: Fiat Ruins Everything with Jimmy Song

444: Fiat Ruins Everything with Jimmy Song

The ills of fiat money affect the world at every layer of society. At the individual level. At the familial level. At the business level. And at the nation state level. Jimmy Song joins the show to discuss his new book Fiat Ruins Everything. Jimmy and Marty explore the negative externalities that have emanated from untethered money printing.

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0:00 - Intro
5:38 - Writing with ChatGPT
10:59 - Degeneracy hazards
12:54 - Jimmy’s book and writing process
20:39 - Structuring a book
23:36 - Fiat’s influence on individuals with corps
30:28 - Strong families and low time pref life
35:01 - Fiat world built on ossification
44:19 - No stores of value, can’t buy a house
50:15 - Reality takes hold, how long till it breaks?
59:38 - How to explain to people when it breaks?
1:03:03 - How do individuals protect themselves?
1:11:02 - Rent seeking more harmful than welfare
1:14:40 - Wide and narrow gate, drivechains
1:26:45 - Plugging the book



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