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441: Miniscript and Bitcoin Risk Products with Rob Hamilton

Aug 25, 2023
TFTC Podcast

441: Miniscript and Bitcoin Risk Products with Rob Hamilton

441: Miniscript and Bitcoin Risk Products with Rob Hamilton

Miniscript is beginning to gain traction as a means to create better bitcoin multisig security by leveraging timelocks and decaying key signing conditions. Rob Hamilton is the co-founder and CTO of Anchorwatch, a company leveraging Miniscript to offer unique custody and insurance products to clients. In this rip Marty and Rob discuss potential protocol upgrades on the horizon, how Miniscript works and how it is progressing, and how MPC may evolve in the future.

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5:30 - Ninja Launch
7:43 - Bluechecks
13:31 - Content models
18:18 - Drivechains and OP_VAULT
22:58 - Miniscript
27:07 - Stepping back on Miniscript
33:50 - Balancing complexity at Anchorwatch
36:17 - Bitcoin risk products
42:52 - Anchorwatch policy construction
47:15 - UX
51:58 - Impatience
55:17 - Get your hands dirty
59:31 - Edge cases
1:06:22 - MPC
1:18:54 - Upgrades with unknown unknowns
1:27:34 - Bullish
1:32:43 - Bitcoin in macro
1:39:59 - Urgency



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