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439: Mining, Memes and Meet Ups with Thomas Pacchia

Aug 8, 2023
TFTC Podcast

439: Mining, Memes and Meet Ups with Thomas Pacchia

439: Mining, Memes and Meet Ups with Thomas Pacchia

Thomas Pacchia is the founder of PubKey, a bar that doubles as a bitcoin third place located in the West Village in NYC. Beyond that, Thomas has been working in the bitcoin space for the better part of the last decade, having helped launch the bitcoin team at Fidelity, sitting on the board of Stronghold Digital, and founding HashFunction. Marty and Thomas sat down in PubKey's office to discuss the state of the mining industry, ordinals, memes, and the power of bitcoin third places.

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5:30 - Is DeFi borked?
11:13 - Blockspace scarcity
21:56 - Will shitcoin cycles continue?
28:42 - No soft landing
32:01 - Large scale investors
42:27 - Mining meetup
53:06 - What drives hashrate growth from here?
58:18 - Treasury management
1:00:55 - Pool monetization
1:09:51 - Scammers and hamsters
1:12:48 - NYC Bitcoin makes Marty bullish
1:23:05 - Memes and NFTs
1:28:58 - Derailment and riffing
1:36:29 - Bitcoin conferences and new Pubkey locations
1:44:08 - Hex and hardware wallets
1:46:58 - Reminiscing from our prison cells in 2030



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