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431: Bitcoin Privacy and the Payjoin Dev Kit with Dan Gould

Jul 5, 2023
TFTC Podcast

431: Bitcoin Privacy and the Payjoin Dev Kit with Dan Gould

431: Bitcoin Privacy and the Payjoin Dev Kit with Dan Gould

Dan Gould is a bitcoin developer who is hyper-focused on improving the ability of individuals to transact using bitcoin with better privacy assurances. Recently he launched the Payjoin Development Kit, which aims to make it easy for developers building bitcoin wallets and exchanges to implement Payjoin, which is a way of creating and executing a transaction in a way that perturbs common-input ownership heuristics used by chain surveillance companies to follow people through bitcoin's ledger as they transact. Dan gives a detailed explanation of how PDK works, why it exists, and what it can do for bitcoiners.

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9:16 - Dan’s history

14:39 - Explaining CoinJoins

21:36 - How Payjoin reduces dox threat and reduces fees

35:09 - TURN servers

39:49 - How are PSBTs involved in Payjoin

42:45 - How coin selection is determined

36:30 - Separating PDK from BDK

50:03 - Completing BDK

53:38 - Payjoin’s role going forward

57:54 - Chain surveillance and prosecuting CoinJoins

1:03:51 - Right to privacy

1:08:18 - Multi receiver PayJoin

1:09:42 - Less frustration on Bitcoin development

1:15:18 - Will Bitcoin reach sufficient ossification?

1:18:25 - Plugs and wrapping



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