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430: Bitcoin vs the $156 Trillion Global Payments Industry with Sam Wouters

Jun 30, 2023
TFTC Podcast

430: Bitcoin vs the $156 Trillion Global Payments Industry with Sam Wouters

430: Bitcoin vs the $156 Trillion Global Payments Industry with Sam Wouters

The global payments industry is a $156 Trillion behemoth that facilitates B2B, B2C and C2C economic activity that bitcoin is attempting to consume. Sam Wouters is a Research Analyst at River who recently wrote a report that dives into the nature of the payments industry, which economic interactions dominate that market, the state of bitcoin adoption, and how much of the global payments market bitcoin is serving. On top of this, Sam explains how he approaches bitcoin education and why he believe how you approach education is critical for adoption.

Research Report

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0:00 - Intro
2:30 - Finding bitcoin through Runescape
9:22 - New educational resources in Bitcoin
13:27 - Diving into Sam’s report
17:51 - Structure of the report
21:39 - Chapter 1: Cross-border payments industry
31:53 - Comparing Bitcoin and internet adoption
41:37 - Remittance education
48:31 - Getting into charts on remittance volume
56:18 - Chapter 2: Global bitcoin adoption
1:07:58 - Motivation for adoption
1:13:39 - Chapter 3: Cross-border Bitcoin payments
1:23:13 - What makes bitcoin better for remittance
1:26:28 - Lightning services
1:30:26 - Bitcoin for payments
1:33:32 - Google search traffic for Bitcoin
1:39:17 - B2C
1:44:35 - Chapter 4: Growing cross-border Bitcoin payments
1:51:36 - Adoption funnel
1:55:33 - Marty tries to quote himself before wrapping up



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