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429: Is The Inflation Problem Really Solved? with Luke Gromen

Jun 28, 2023
TFTC Podcast

429: Is The Inflation Problem Really Solved? with Luke Gromen

429: Is The Inflation Problem Really Solved? with Luke Gromen

The CPI has been coming in lower and lower month-on-month as the Fed has embarked on an aggressive rate hike campaign over the last one-and-a-half years. These lower CPI prints have been driven predominantly by a significant decline in energy prices. With the SPR being completely drained and things about to turn over in the Permian basin, Luke Gromen is not convinced that lower energy prices are going to be a luxury for much longer. We discuss this, why the banks are in trouble, how the US can leap frog BRICS countries by embracing bitcoin and much more in this episode.

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0:00 - Intro
6:33 - UK inflation
11:02 - American banking crisis lull
18:12 - Structural problems in energy
25:56 - Liquidity issues with massive bank accounts
31:33 - Debt ceiling
33:13 - Retirement and target date funds
40:18 The Ukraine distraction
45:54 - Collapse in skilled labor and infrastructure
50:41 - Taking on troubled times
54:55 - Bitcoin’s interaction with energy
57:05 - Landing on the wrong side of stagflation
59:19 - Bitcoin eliminates banking BS
1:01:34 - Treasury bond duration risk
1:06:22 - 40 year bull market over, gold and Bitcoin win
1:13:51 - Wrapping



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