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425: The Fiat Crisis with Balaji

Jun 2, 2023
TFTC Podcast

425: The Fiat Crisis with Balaji

425: The Fiat Crisis with Balaji

Balaji Srinivasan is an entrepreneur and investor who has thought deeply about the cultural, political and financial tides that have led the US into the precarious situation it finds itself in today. Decades of money printing, military expansion, and the growing divide between blue America and red America have culminated in a fiat crisis that is approaching a catastrophic endgame. In this rip, Balaji does an incredible job of comparing the US's position to the fall of the USSR, describing the three tribes that exist in America (blue, red, and gray), and explaining why the fiat crisis is nearing its climax. A must listen episode. Probably the most thorough episode we have ever recorded.

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6:13 - How does the debt ceiling contribute to the fiat crisis?
9:48 - Reality check
21:38 - History is running in reverse
25:09 - The unipolar moment is over
38:05 - America is 3 tribes
44:42 - Democracy has 4 definitions
55:33 - India adopting pragmatic democracy
59:08 - China won’t go away
1:07:03 - USSA
1:36:11 - How America gets its strength back
1:43:16 - Dollar nationalists, social media politics
1:53:20 - It’s not one nation, it’s two parties with verbal footsoldiers
2:07:15 - The Gray tribe
2:35:47 - Blue losing media control
2:39:46 - Recap, Blue’s remaining power
2:45:48 - The tribal filter on the banking situation
3:01:36 - The declining US empire
3:13:13 - Blue America’s infrastructure highlights
3:16:40 - Exiting through Bitcoin
3:20:18 - We’ve lost our moon shoes
3:22:24 - The writing’s on the wall and states have incentive to exit early
3:42:53 - People robbed by cantillon cities are likely to get mad
3:48:13 - Fed now is a CBDC no matter what they say
4:05:15 - Civil unrest precursors
4:08:24 - Hiding insolvency
4:11:13 - History mirroring
4:17:04 - Reflecting on a long show, doling white pills



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