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423: Retirement Funds In The Age Of Bitcoin with Matt Dines

May 31, 2023
TFTC Podcast

423: Retirement Funds In The Age Of Bitcoin with Matt Dines

423: Retirement Funds In The Age Of Bitcoin with Matt Dines

Many people are aware of the problems that plague public pensions and the social security program in America today, but not many are focused on the stress that private retirement accounts are under and what that means for Boomers who are quickly approaching retirement. Matt Dines joins the show to break down the structural fragility inherent in private retirement accounts driven by cookie cutter allocation strategies and stress in the bond markets. Matt also explains how he thinks bitcoin can be a bridge to help save retirement accounts by convincing investors to park their dollars in bitcoin-backed lending desks.

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8:17 - What’s happening to retirement funds
11:49 - Balance sheets of the American household
26:23 - History of retirement accounts
30:30 - The post-Covid financial landscape
34:52 - Retirement account participation
46:14 - Legislation isn’t the answer
50:09 - Primary residence ownership and mortgage backed securities
55:39 - Target Date Funds
1:01:28 - US bond market selloff
1:09:45 - Near-dated TDF vs inflation
1:13:12 - Investment/retirement industry isn’t keeping up
1:17:59 - Bridging the gap to Bitcoin with Build
1:32:15 - Bitcoin lending
1:46:36 - Unchained
1:53:57 - Explaining the mindset
2:02:31 - The flywheel of truth
2:08:12 - Wrapping up



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