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417: An Ex-Intelligence Analyst's View on Ukraine

May 8, 2023
TFTC Podcast

417: An Ex-Intelligence Analyst's View on Ukraine

417: An Ex-Intelligence Analyst's View on Ukraine

Lee Slusher has over 25 years of experience in the US Army and intelligence community and he is not pleased with US foreign policy at the moment. Particularly as it pertains to the war in Ukraine and increased posturing around Taiwan. Lee joins TFTC to explain why the war in Ukraine is unwinnable for Ukraine and the West, how far off base foreign policy has become in the US, how that is making us weak in the eyes of the international community, and what needs to be done to get back on the right course.

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6:24- Lee’s background

9:43 - War in Ukraine and possible outcomes

16:30 - History leading up to current war

21:13 - Derussification

24:02 - Comparing Ukranian and Russian military

31:43 - Western intervention

38:38 - War’s role in economic crisis and US election

43:23 - Afghanistan

50:04 - If we fight Russia and lose

55:01 - US and EU need to solve their own problems

1:04:16 - How do we get back on the right track

1:11:55 - Taiwan

1:26:37 - Realistic evaluation

1:32:51 - Wrapping up, plugs



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