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403: Dissecting the Banking Crisis with Parker Lewis

403: Dissecting the Banking Crisis with Parker Lewis

Mar 13, 2023
TFTC Podcast

403: Dissecting the Banking Crisis with Parker Lewis

Banks are failing left and right. Many want to pinpoint bitcoin and "crypto" or poor risk management practices by banks as the cause of the contagion event that is under way, but the core of the problem is the Federal Reserves. Parker Lewis brings the conversation back to first principles to dissect the core of the problem; there is too much debt and a lack of dollars to service that debt. Especially when the Fed is pulling dollars out of the system.

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9:15 - Is it happening?
11:40 - The Fed caused bank failures, not crypto
19:15 - SVB balance sheet
24:49 - History of bank cash assets
30:07 - How QE is done without QE
38:51 - The cycles accelerate every time
44:52 - The system is built for moral hazard
49:39 - Trust in traditional money is failing
57:06 - Will Bitcoin be blamed?
1:00:54 - Bitcoiners shouldn't waste their time
1:03:42 - Bitcoin's most important next steps
1:09:57 - Bitcoin Takeover
1:13:34 - Bitcoin is more important than ever
1:18:12 - QE5 is here
1:23:13 - Wrapping up



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