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398: Replit, AI and Bitcoin with Amjad Masad

398: Replit, AI and Bitcoin with Amjad Masad

Mar 1, 2023
TFTC Podcast

398: Replit, AI and Bitcoin with Amjad Masad

Amjad Masad is the founder of Replit, an online integrated development environment that makes it easy for individuals to code in the browser, teach themselves how to code and get paid for building things for others. Replit is also on the forefront of AI with Ghostwriter, a development assistant that can help users write code. Amjad is also a bitcoiner and plans to integrate lightning payments throughout Replit. Come for the inspiring story of a kid from Jordan who scratched his itch to create one of the most respected companies in the tech sector. Stay for the discussion on modern culture and the convergence of a global digital workforce, AI and bitcoin.

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o:oo - Intro and sponsors

5:43- The beginning of Replit
13:46 - Replit's utility
15:34 - Replit's goals
22:03 - The marriage of bounties, bitcoin and AI
29:09 - Stakwork
31:37 - Is AI a Pandora's Box?
41:09 - AI impact on workforce
44:55 - Incoming social changes
53:01 - Bitcoin is hope, the way out must be built
58:17 - What's needed to drive bitcoin adoption?



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