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397: Nostr and Lightning Are the Real Web 3.0 with Myles Snider

397: Nostr and Lightning Are the Real Web 3.0 with Myles Snider

Feb 21, 2023
TFTC Podcast

397: Nostr and Lightning Are the Real Web 3.0 with Myles Snider

Nostr has hit the scene with a lot of fanfare in recent months, but is it legit? How does the protocol enable censorship-resistant communications? What will future clients look like? How will the marketplace for relays develop? What role does bitcoin play in the potential success of Nostr? Myles Snider from Kollider joins Marty to tackle all of these questions and more. Beyond the Nostr discussion, Myles and Marty discuss the underappreciation of the Lightning Network, the emergence of inscriptions, and the product suite that the Kollider team is building out. A very high signal rip.

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8:40 - Nostr's improved a lot
17:16 - The business opportunity of Nostr
19:46 - What makes a good relay?
24:15 - Nostr+LN is the real web 3.0
34:30 - Myles's background
37:35 - Proof of Stake is bad for the soul
44:28 - Finding LN
50:35 - Kollider
1:07:42 - Ordinals
1:18:37 - Bullish on lightning
1:35:46 - Nostr wishlist
1:42:53 - Wrapping up


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