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396: How to get hired in Bitcoin with Andy Thompson and Michael Tanguma

396: How to get hired in Bitcoin with Andy Thompson and Michael Tanguma

Feb 16, 2023
TFTC Podcast

396: How to get hired in Bitcoin with Andy Thompson and Michael Tanguma

There is currently a two-sided problem in the market for bitcoin jobs; companies need talent to fill roles that will allow them to enter their growth stage and many bitcoiners are stuck in other industries wondering how to transition to a role at a company building around bitcoin. The universe of people who understand bitcoin and the nuances that exist between the different companies in the industry is very small. In an effort to solve this two-sided problem Andy Thompson and Michael Tanguma decided to start Bitcoin Talent Co. A recruiting firm built by bitcoiners that will help bitcoiners get out of middle management hell in industries they are not passionate about while helping companies in the space fill roles with competent individuals who actually understand bitcoin. If you're looking to get a job in bitcoin or are a bitcoin company looking to hire right now, this is the episode for you.

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0:00 Intro and sponsors

6:52 - Andy's background
11:00 - Bitcoin's intellectual capital bottleneck
14:55 - Reaching out for talent
20:14 - Understanding bitcoiners offers an edge
23:06 - Education
27:42 - Recruiters are the first laid off
29:46 - Recruiting pains in rapidly growing companies
32:09 - Back to education
36:25 - Crediting contributors
40:24 - Addressing concerns of bitcoin being too niche
44:15 - Everyone's going to need bitcoin knowledge
49:10 - BTCo just launched, what's next?
51:22 - The design bounty
52:56 - Comparison to jobs boards and general recruitment industry
59:38 - Common blunders in recruiting
1:05:25 - HEY YOU! Get a bitcoin job!
1:07:01 - Final thoughts



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