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Reminder: The Money In The Bank Isn't Yours

Reminder: The Money In The Bank Isn't Yours

Apr 15, 2024
Marty's Ƀent

Reminder: The Money In The Bank Isn't Yours

Don't look now, but the War on Cash is heating up around the world. Either that, or more people are becoming aware of the problem. Here are two examples in the wild from this morning that should incite some serious introspection that forces you to internalize the fact that the money in the bank isn't your money. It's the banks.

A gentleman walked into a bank branch in Canada to take out 3,000 Canadian cuck bucks so that he could purchase a car from his friend in cash. He recorded the altercation with the bank teller who let him know that she would be unable to allow him to withdraw $3,000 CAD unless he provided proof that the cash would be spent on the car. For context, $3,000 CAD is the equivalent of $2,175 USD.

Think of the absurdity of this interaction. A man wants to withdraw cash from his account. Money that he earned so that he could go into the economy and accumulate whatever he may need and want at any particular time and the bank is telling him that he cannot access that money in the form of cash without some hard proof that he will be spending it to purchase a car from his friend. The implication of this interaction is that in Canada, you cannot make a peer-to-peer cash payment of $3,000 CAD without the permission of the banks or the government that regulates the banks.

Those in control of the Late Stage Fiat Regime in Canada don't want their subjects doing anything outside of the purview of the state. This is particularly nefarious when you consider the fact that Canada has had arguably the most reckless monetary policy since 2020. They expanded their monetary base from ~$100B CAD in the beginning of 2020 to ~$500B CAD by March of 2021. Since then they have shrunk the monetary base back down to ~$230B CAD, but it is sill sloshing with $130% more CAD than it did at the beginning of 2020. The result of this manipulation of the monetary base has been absolutely debilitating levels of inflation across Canada that has put millions of Canadians under significant financial pressure.

Apparently in Canada the government feels comfortable debasing the purchasing power of its subjects' currency and then turning around and telling them they cannot access the money they have managed to save to spend how they see fit without the banks (government) knowing exactly what they're purchasing and from who. A true dystopian hellscape. The government shouldn't be able to have this much control over money. They currently control its purchasing power via printing and access via the banking system.

If that wasn't bad enough. Wait until you see what's going on down in Australia, where the banks aren't even trying to provide their customers with cash when needed.

Over the last few years there has been a concerted effort to move to a cashless society as things like tap-to-pay and the New Payments Platform (NPP) which allows individuals and businesses to conduct payments painlessly via a payment ID associated with their government cattle tag (think a social security number). The establishment in Australia is predicting that the country will be completely cashless by the end of this decade. If not, sooner.

This should scare the shit out of anyone who cares about freedom and privacy. If you think government overreach is bad now, just wait until everyone is cattle herded into a centrally controlled digital banking system. Every transaction will be tracked, recorded and added to the algorithm that spits out your social credit score. If you purchase too much meat, fill up your car with gas too many times in one month, or contribute to a political party that doesn't align with the will of the incumbent party in control there's a good chance that you won't be able to make particular transactions. You will not have access to your money. Under this system all you will have is the ability to seek permission from the government via the banking system to move money from your account to the individual or business you are looking to transact with. You will have no agency over the matter.

This is why bitcoin is so important. Governments around the world are losing control of their monetary systems and the narrative writ large and they will do whatever they can to maintain control. And since money is the most important tool that we leverage to express our wants and desires - which can be expressed materially, politically or philosophically via the goods and services we purchase or the causes we support financially - full control over that tool is imperative to ensure that particular needs and desires aren't met.

As we transition further into the digital age it is very important that the market is provided with a monetary good that isn't subject to this level of control from psychotic governments addicted to control and debt. Individuals should have agency over the things they buy. The government should not be in the middle of every transaction and it should not be able to debase the purchasing power of your money on a whim. Government shouldn't have anything to do with money.

Money and the state should be completely separate from each other because when they are not the state uses money as a tool to oppress. It's really that simple.

Final thought...

Have no fear. They want you to be afraid.

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