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The UN Wants to Censor Free Speech

The UN Wants to Censor Free Speech

Sep 14, 2023
Marty's Ƀent

The UN Wants to Censor Free Speech

A few months ago the Nobel Prize Summit was held in Washington D.C. and Melissa Fleming, the Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications at the United Nations, gave a ten-minute speech about the dangers of "misinformation" on social media and what the UN is doing to combat its spread. I highly recommend you take the time to watch Melissa's presentation because it will give you a peek into the minds of the Davos class, how out of touch they are with reality, and how they are going to attempt to control speech on the internet.

What's funny is that Melissa anchored to the "misinformation" that was spread on social media about COVID and the vaccines that were rushed to market. She is running with party lines that have been thoroughly debunked over the last year. In 2020 it was a conspiracy theory to believe that COVID was a man made virus that escaped from a lab in Wuhan. That is now considered a fact. In 2021 it was considered a conspiracy theory to question the vaccine and whether or not it is safe and effective. It has now become abundantly clear that it was completely ineffective and is becoming clearer that it is probably unsafe for the billions of people who took it. At the same time it was considered dangerous to suggest that people should take generic vitamins and drugs like vitamin D, zinc, Ivermectin and hydroxy chloroquine to treat COVID at the earliest signs of symptoms. It is now becoming clearer that this is an effective way to treat COVID for many individuals.

People were slandered, labeled and censored for spreading "misinformation" that is quickly becoming common knowledge. Even worse, thanks to the Twitter files we learned that intelligence agencies and health organizations embedded themselves within Twitter's organization while all of this was going on and actively dictated to Twitter what could and could not be posted about these subjects. Censoring information that was true while signal boosting dangerous information that has led to countless deaths and injuries. All to protect the narrative. A narrative that conveniently helped the government garner a lot more power via emergency orders and pharmaceutical companies to profit billions.

The powers that be at the many alphabet soup agencies and organizations around the world that led us completely astray over the last few years are turning up their gaslighting campaigns to full blast right now. Even though they were able to successfully suppress a lot of the good information they deemed to be "misinformation" between 2020 and 2023, there were too many cracks in the dam that have woken people up. In an attempt to seal those cracks, the UN is ramping up an "information war on disinformation" with an "army of trusted messengers" that they have partnered with to signal boost the messages they want to get out to the masses. They have also reached out to social media platforms to send them the message that they need to get on board and ensure that the messages that the public gets are UN approved and not seeded by extremists on the internet.

The next topic they are planning to focus on is climate change. Now that the COVID fear mongering has lost its marginal utility, the Davos class is dead set on shifting gears to hammer the climate change narrative to strike fear into people so that they give up more of their rights to the state. If you've been paying attention this Summer you should be able to notice that the shift has already started. Every weather map on the boob tube is painted with dark red hues. Every manmade wild fire that was either directly started by someone lighting something on fire or started via land management and grid infrastructure negligence has been blamed on climate change. In London, they have started installing thousands of cameras across the city to track people who drive older model and diesel fueled cars in an attempt to restrict movement and force people to purchase new vehicles. The more they drive and get caught by the cameras, the more they get fined by the city of London. However, it seems that this encroachment on civil liberties is proving to be a step too far as vigilante heroes have begun tearing the cameras down en masse.

I think this is precisely what the UN and the other alphabet soup agencies and organizations are worried about and trying to front run with their censorship efforts; civil disobedience by people who are fed up with being gaslit and treated like cattle who are supposed to obey the command of the Davos class. Time and time again the UN, the WEF, the WHO, and most of the governments on the planet have proven to be wholly untrustworthy. The central planners believe that the Common Man is someone to be pushed around and told what to do. Meanwhile, the insistant pressure and central control exhibited by these central planners has left the Common Man financially and spiritually desolate. More desperate and angry than he has been in generations. The money is broken. Social policies are leading to chaos. And nation states everywhere are falling woefully short of the promises they've made in the form of security, welfare and overall quality of life.

When people are stretched as thin as they are right now they begin to lash out at those who are responsible for their stress. The "Blade Runners" tearing down cameras in London right now are evidence of this. This is what the UN is worried about. That movements like the "Blade Runners" movement will inspire others to make a stand and speak out against the prevailing mainstream narrative. This is why Melissa Fleming gave this speech. She is attempting to whip the herd back into place. This type of desperate posturing is evidence that the Common Man is winning the narrative battle. This is a sign that we should keep pushing forward.

One data point that signals that the UN is losing the narrative battle is the fact that the video referenced above has been on YouTube for three months and has less than 1,000 views as of writing. The Nobel Prize YouTube account has more than 500,000 subscribers. Our humble YouTube page has 5% of the subscribers and averages more than double the views that this video has. This isn't an attempt to be braggadocious, but an attempt to highlight how little traction and support entities like the UN have despite what they would lead you to believe.

People have fallen in line in the past because they believe that lofty titles and alphabet soup acronyms mean that the people who hold those titles and walk those halls are important. Nothing could be further from the truth. Those titles and acronyms are nothing more than a projection tactic to make you believe that they are important. That you should listen to them. That they have control over you. At the end of the day, their control over you is derived from the undeserved respect they are shown by the unwitting masses who are easily duped by flashiness the facade of legitimacy.

It seems that the tides are turning though. The flash is wearing off, day by day more and more people are becoming aware of the lies they've been fed by this class of people, and they are reacting in the only way they know how; by attempting to quash the disobedience with censorship. They don't want the information that proves they are incompetent to spread so they are preparing to stop it by any means necessary.

Don't give them an inch.

Final thought...

Need prayers for my grandmother right now.


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