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Navigating the UK's Bitcoin Exchange Landscape: Regulations and Options

Navigating the UK's Bitcoin Exchange Landscape: Regulations and Options

Jan 9, 2024

Navigating the UK's Bitcoin Exchange Landscape: Regulations and Options


The bitcoin regulatory environment in the United Kingdom has undergone significant changes, especially with the new rules implemented on October 8, 2023. The UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has tightened its grip on bitcoin exchanges, requiring compliance with stringent regulations by January 2024. These regulatory developments have affected the operations of various centralized bitcoin exchanges, particularly in terms of fiat currency on and off-ramping.

Regulatory Background

The FCA has increased oversight of bitcoin-related activities, and firms must now be authorized to offer bitcoin services in the UK. As of the latest update, the FCA's warning list includes 12,875 unauthorized firms. Nevertheless, users can check the financial services register on the FCA website to determine whether a particular exchange is regulated.

Impact on Bitcoin Exchanges

Unauthorized Exchanges

Bybit, the fourth most visited exchange according to CoinGecko, has ceased offering bitcoin services to UK users in response to the new regulations. Searching the FCA register confirms Bybit's unauthorized status.

Authorized Exchanges

Kraken, through its partnership with Payward Ltd., a London-based company, is authorized and registered for bitcoin activities since November 2021. The regulation status is verifiable through the FCA register, where Payward Ltd. is listed as trading under the Kraken name.

Other exchanges that have navigated the regulatory landscape by partnering with UK firms include:

  • Coinbase: Partnered with Archx Limited for bitcoin financial promotions.
  • OKX: Also partnered with Archx, though it does not offer all services due to its non-registration as a crypto asset business.
  • Collaborated with Foris Dax to obtain FCA authorization.
  • Uphold: A registered bitcoin exchange with the UK government.
  • Coinjar: Originating from Australia, established in 2013, and now registered in the UK.
  • Bitstamp: Another exchange approved for operating in the UK.
  • PayPal: Currently halted bitcoin services until the 2024 deadline.

Binance's UK Situation

Binance, the world's largest bitcoin exchange, initially received FCA approval via However, the FCA withdrew's ability to offer financial promotions for bitcoin shortly after the regulations took effect, leaving Binance unauthorized in the UK. Binance has since stopped accepting new UK users and lacks an effective fiat on and off-ramp for British pounds, although existing users can still use peer-to-peer services.

Challenges and Workarounds

Despite the availability of some regulated exchanges, UK users face challenges, such as banks blocking transactions to bitcoin exchanges. A potential workaround involves transferring funds from a UK bank to a regulated entity like Revolut and then to an exchange.


The UK's bitcoin exchange landscape is undergoing significant changes due to new regulations. While some exchanges have successfully registered and are authorized to operate, others have halted services or are working towards compliance. Users must remain vigilant and conduct thorough research to ensure they are using compliant platforms. The situation continues to evolve, and it is crucial for participants in the bitcoin market to stay informed of the latest developments.

While this was a valuable breakdown of the new UK regulation and their effect on bitcoin exchanges, we do not endorse all of the content on this channel.


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