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Optimistic Despite The Bad Guys | Tom Woods & Adam Curry

Jan 12, 2024

Optimistic Despite The Bad Guys | Tom Woods & Adam Curry

Optimistic Despite The Bad Guys | Tom Woods & Adam Curry

Key Takeaways

In episode 2437 of The Tom Woods Show, Tom Woods hosts podcasting pioneer Adam Curry, known for his work as co-host of the No Agenda Show with John C. Dvorak. The conversation traverses a wide array of topics, showcasing Curry's multifaceted career from MTV's "Headbangers Ball" host to a significant voice in the podcasting sphere.

Entertainment Career Insights

Curry reflects on his time in the entertainment industry, noting the shift from traditional forms of entertainment like the Golden Globes to the evolving landscape of podcasting and online content creation. Interestingly, he shares an anecdote about reconnecting with iconic musicians, such as Rudy Sarzo, and the concept of being "merchants of memories" for fans through performances.

The State of Music and Monetization

Adam Curry discusses the challenges faced by artists in the era of streaming services, where significant streams on platforms like Spotify do not necessarily translate to financial success. He emphasizes the importance of repetition in popularizing music and how Podcasting 2.0, with real-time payment mechanisms, is empowering artists financially and reigniting his personal interest in music.

Podcasting As the New Entertainment

Curry and Woods delve into the world of podcasting, highlighting its capacity to provide alternative monetization strategies for content creators. They discuss how the convenience of streaming services has led to a loss in the cultural experience that came with purchasing physical albums and the importance of direct support from fans through mechanisms like the value-for-value model.

Political Landscape and 2024 Outlook

Looking ahead to 2024, Curry shares a white-pilled perspective, indicating a revival in local community engagement and accountability. He believes there is a global geopolitical shift with the rise of the BRICS nations and suggests that people are focusing more on local politics as a means of effecting change.

Personal Transformation and Religion

Adam Curry shares his personal journey towards Christianity, which he attributes to a desire to investigate the existence of God and Jesus with the same rigor he applied to conspiracy theories. This transformation has given him a new lease on life and a hopeful outlook.

The Importance of Podcasting During COVID

Both Woods and Curry reflect on the role their podcasts played during the COVID-19 pandemic, providing sanity and a sense of community to listeners struggling with isolation, misinformation, and the pandemic's various impacts.

Best Quotes

  • Adam Curry on music and memories: "I'm a merchant of memories. Adam, when people come to see me play, they just want to have a great show. They want to remember those days."
  • Curry on the power of podcasting: "You don't have to be Joe Rogan to be able to make a living or sustain your project or whatever. It's a different mentality that is coming into play."
  • Curry on his religious transformation: "I've looked at all the conspiracy theories... I'm going to look at this thing, this God and Jesus – let me dive into this... And within two weeks, I went, there's more evidence here that God is real, Jesus is real. It all happened than any of the other stuff I believe."
  • Curry on the future of politics: "I have actually a lot of hope, and I see quite a revival taking place in the world geopolitically... there is a much larger play unfolding before us."
  • Curry on the significance of local politics: "I think people are starting to understand that and I'm just seeing more and more of it. And so with that, I have a lot of hope. I really do."


In this engaging episode, Adam Curry provides a nuanced perspective on a range of topics, from the evolution of the music industry and podcasting to the political shifts on the horizon. His personal transformation towards Christianity and the role his podcast played during the pandemic reveal the profound impact that media and personal beliefs can have on individuals and communities. The conversation between Curry and Woods highlights the importance of local politics, the potential for alternative monetization in the digital age, and the power of podcasting as a platform for connection and education. As we look forward to future discussions, Curry's insights offer a hopeful outlook for both local engagement and global geopolitical shifts.


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