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Take The White Pill

Take The White Pill

May 22, 2024

I'm not going to lie, I'm a bit mad at myself right now, freaks. 2024 is supposed to be the year that I focus more on the positive things going on in the world and within bitcoin instead of doom scrolling and doom posting. We certainly live in a stressful chaotic time.

It is abundantly clear that things have gone off the rails. The US government is $34 TRILLION in debt, the geopolitical landscape is splintering into a multi-polar shit show, monetary rails are being weaponized, civil liberties are being eroded, wars are popping up left and right, the sun is blasting the Earth with coronal mass ejections, super volcanoes are rumbling in Italy, border is wide open, the most powerful people in the world are trying to convince everyone that the climate is going to destroy humanity, we are decommissioning all over our reliable energy infrastructure, Hollywood stars and politicians alike are being exposed as degenerate sexual deviants who operate above the law and people are trying to deny the fact that there are only two genders.

The easiest thing to overdose on these days is the black pill. Some will say it's fentanyl, but acknowledging the fact that there's a fentanyl epidemic is a black pill in and of itself. Each black pill consumed leads one further down the path of despair, which leads to unproductive and unhealthy mental spaces that don't enable people to take agency over their lives and their future and actually effectuate change. Most time is spent complaining about the ingredients of the black pill instead of focusing on the antidote. Don't get me wrong, it is important to be aware of all of the bad things that are going on in the world. One needs to identify a problem before it can be fixed. However, it feels as if most of the discourse that is happening today is simply a massive struggle session of wallowing in the black pill soup leading to a lot of engagement, yet little action toward solving the problems that are being complained about.

This is the worst side effect of the black pill. You are lulled into focusing on the problems instead of focusing on the solutions. With this in mind, I recommend that you take the white pill. Despite all of the chaos in the world there are many things out there that provide optimism and, more importantly, a path toward building a better future that clears the market of black pills.

"If only you knew how good things are going to be."

Never in human history have we had access to life changing information. Information that can be used to educate yourself, start a business, solve a problem in your life, build an open source tool that can be leveraged by millions, or used to collaborate with other individuals spread across the world.

We live in a world in which bitcoin exists and has been working fabulously for more than fifteen years. Bitcoin is arguably the most potent tool to secure human freedom that has ever been brought to the market. It gives us a real chance at breaking ourselves free from the shackles of debt slavery and fiat money. And there are scores of people across the world who have dedicated their lives to making sure it succeeds.

Most importantly, humans are pretty resilient fuckers. We've gone through some shit over the course of millennia and have come out the other side better off. The arch of human history trends up and to the right and it would be silly to think we won't continue on that trajectory. Especially if we recognize that we have the ability to push ourselves forward.

It's just going to take a concerted effort to focus on the good in the world, lean into it and use the tools at our fingertips to make the world a better place. You can do it. We all can. People need to shift their perspectives from wallowing in the negative toward taking agency and bringing about the future that you deserve and know can be built.

Take the white pill. You are going to win.

Final thought...

My wife is the MVP of the period between the end of the school year and when we head to the shore for the Summer.

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