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The Sat Standard - Oct 1 2022

The Sat Standard - Oct 1 2022

Oct 1, 2022
The Sat Standard

The Sat Standard - Oct 1 2022

Thought of the week from Marty Bent:‌‌
Running to the government and the Fed to fix the problems we’re seeing in the world right now is literally insane.

Thought of the week from ODELL:‌‌
Every person in the world should have access to good money that is independent of corrupt governments and corporations, that does not require trust or permission to spend or save, that can be used privately, and that increases in purchasing power over time.

Bitcoin held in self custody is unique in its lack of counterparty risk. You can easily and cheaply store it yourself and send it around the world without trusting anyone or asking for permission.

As global market chaos continues this key value prop will become more obvious.


  • Bitcoin Optech #219
  • Strike Raises $80m in New Funding Led by Ten31 with participation from major endowments
  • Ten31 Update
  • The Guatemalan Lake Town Mining Bitcoin With Used Cooking Oil
  • Bitcoin Mining Hosting Provider Compute North Has Filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection in a Federal Court
  • Help People in Iran Reconnect to Signal – a Request to Our Community: Run a Signal Proxy
  • Core Lightning v0.12.1: A Few Bug Fixes and Build Improvements
  • Guide: Circumventing Tor Censorship in Iran and Elsewhere
  • Bitmatrix Releases Mainnet Beta Bringing Uniswap Functionality to Liquid
  • Research: Spatial Analysis of Global Bitcoin Mining
  • Details Released on FBI Raid that Resulted in $86M Worth of Property Seized from 1400 Safe Deposit Boxes in Beverly Hills
  • Australian Internet Provider 'Optus' Exposed Customer Data via API: Includes 4.2M Users' Passport and Driver’s License Numbers
  • BTCPay Server v1.6.11: Update POS App Through API, Adds Mempool.Space as Default Block Explorer, and More
  • Bitcoin Non-Profit Brink is Now Funding 11 Bitcoin, Lightning Developers in Total
  • Bitcoin Policy Institute: Why the U.S. Should Reject Central Bank Digital Currencies
  • Hoseki Announces $25K Donation to Bitcoin Policy Institute for Transparency and Proof of Reserves Research
  • Blockstream Jade v0.1.38: Adds CompactSeedQRs
  • Electrum v4.3.2: Hardened build script for MacOS, Better Reproducibility, and More
  • Bitcoin Exchange 'Bitnob' Launches in Kenya: Includes Integration With the M-Pesa Network Enabling 50m Users to Easily Send and Receive via Lightning From Their Phones
  • Initial Code Release for Taro Protocol: Building the (Tap)Root of the World's Financial Network with Bitcoin
  • Matrix Chat Vulnerabilities Disclosed: Upgrade now to address E2EE vulnerabilities in matrix-js-sdk, matrix-ios-sdk and matrix-android-sdk2
  • Swan Acquires Specter, Maintainers of the Open Source Software and Hardware Wallets of the Same Name: Launches Specter Labs
  • 'When Taproot' Launches to Encourage More Adoption Across Ecosystem
  • Cloudflare Announces Turnstile: a user-friendly, privacy-preserving free alternative to CAPTCHA
  • Michael Bazzell's Fourth Edition 'Unredacted Magazine' Includes a Bitcoin Privacy Section by ErgoBTC
  • Block's Decentralized Exchange Protocol Team 'TBD' Partners with Circle
  • Samourai Wallet v0.99.98f: New Collaborative Transaction UI, Auth47 Integration, and More


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