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The Sat Standard - November 23rd, 2019

The Sat Standard - November 23rd, 2019

Nov 23, 2019
The Sat Standard

The Sat Standard - November 23rd, 2019

Thought of the week from Marty Bent:
This is the time to start carefully noting the people who have come out of the woodwork to let us all know that Bitcoin is, in fact, dead.

Thought of the week from Matt Odell:
Bitcoin is a volatile beast - trying to find a reason for short term price movements is a waste of time. Price should go up with adoption long term. Stay humble. Stack sats.

Took my lady to the cathedral in Barcelona this week:

My lady: "Wow. I have never seen a building of this scale and beauty."
Me: "Wait until you see what the bitcoiners build!"


Whiskey fueled discussion of the topics every week on Rabbit Hole Recap

  • Vulnerability disclosed: Please upgrade your Trezor T before sending transactions
  • BTCPay vault + BTCPay configurator
  • Five corporate sponsors for BTCPay now - Luna Node and Wallet of Satoshi join
  • Coinmetrics & BitMex Research launch txstats
  • Bottlepay launches developer API
  • Matt discusses bottlepay with Leigh Cuen of Coindesk
  • Coinmetrics: How Many Bitcoins Are Permanently Lost?


Wiz and Steve Jain

  • The origins of Bisq
  • How Bisq works
  • Mining
  • Why KYC/AML does more harm than good
  • Why privacy is important
  • The Bisq DAO

Will Reeves

  • How Fold has grown from an app that allowed users to purchase pizza via LN to something much bigger
  • Building a distributed team
  • Building on a protocol that is changing and evolving
  • Bridging the gap between non-technical users and cypherpunks
  • The switch from ad tech to surveillance tech
  • California wine

Wringing Of The Rag

  • Monday - Issue #615: The Great Awakening Grows Stronger
  • Tuesday - Issue #616: UTXO consolidation over the weekend
  • Wednesday - Issue #617: Is there an order of operations to all of this?
  • Thursday - Issue #618: Stratum V2 AMA is a must read
  • Friday - Issue #619: Why Bitcoin?


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