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The Sat Standard - January 25th, 2020

The Sat Standard - January 25th, 2020

Jan 25, 2020
The Sat Standard

The Sat Standard - January 25th, 2020

Thought of the week from Marty Bent:
Do you hear that, freaks? That’s the sound of ASICs getting turned on across North America. The “China controls Bitcoin via mining” narrative is already pretty weak. It will be dead in two years.

Thought of the week from Matt Odell:
Major corporations have little choice when it comes to government compliance - comply or shutdown - they have essentially become extensions of the governments they serve. Responsible companies intentionally reduce data collection so they have less to hand over when forced to comply. Companies that obscure their data collection practices put their users at risk and should be considered complicit. Long term the only real solution is free and open source alternatives. This is why decentralization is crucial - we need tools that can't track or censor users by design.

On a happier note, today I join friends and family to celebrate an underappreciated holiday - Burns Night. In honor of the late Scottish poet Robert Burns we shall consume copious amounts of haggis and scotch.


Whiskey fueled discussion of the topics every week on Rabbit Hole Recap


The Wonton Don

  • Why Donnie decided to move to Shanghai
  • What life in China is like
  • Why he started creating content
  • Alipay + WeChat
  • Social Credit
  • Life of the Chinese middle class

Jeremy Rubin

  • MIT Digital Currency Initiative
  • Airdrops
  • Dev funding
  • Scaling

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