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The Sat Standard - February 15th, 2020

The Sat Standard - February 15th, 2020

Feb 15, 2020
The Sat Standard

The Sat Standard - February 15th, 2020

Thought of the week from Marty Bent:
Bitcoin is free speech. This needs to be made clear to governments and regulators.

Thought of the week from Matt Odell:
China allegedly hacked Equifax. Assume they will target bitcoin services as well.

- KYC info
- Bitcoin and IP addresses

If you don't want the Chinese to be able to track all your past and future transactions you need to start educating yourself:


Whiskey fueled discussion of the topics every week on Rabbit Hole Recap

  • Bitcoin Optech #83
  • Dropbit CEO arrested for running a custodial mixing service called Helix and a dark market search engine called Grams
  • Non-custodial cryptocurrency mixer developers are not subject to U.S. regulation
  • Self payments lightning privacy proposal
  • Coldcard releases PSBT Faker tool for testing
  • Tor Browser v9.0.5
  • Tails v4.3
  • Wasabi implements Apple Code Sign
  • Escher App demos paying any lightning invoice with your connected bank account
  • Liquid support on Bisq goes live
  • Anon submits Taproot critique to mailing list
  • Chainalysis has been paid over $10M by US gov agencies
spook central
  • A world without bitcoin thought experiment by Alex Gladstein
  • US Federal Budget Proposal Mentions More Cryptocurrency regulation and enforcement
  • Trump admin to introduce new FinCEN requirements
  • Redditor posts alleged IRS audit request
  • If US Marshals never sold seized bitcoin they would currently be worth over $1.8B
  • Casa releases home defense primer
  • CNBC clip
  • Coronavirus Close Contact app
  • CIA owned encryption company facilitated global spying for decades
  • The Chinese Gov allegedly hacked Equifax
  • Yandex facial recognition tool
  • FTX launches US elections futures markets for top 6 candidates


Whit Gibbs

  • Whit buying the 2017 top
  • Why he decided to focus on mining
  • Mining hardware + energy dynamics
  • What's going to happen after the halving?
  • Is the US turning into the USSR?
  • Social credit

Jack Mallers

  • LN Strike
  • Lessons learned while building Zap + Olympus
  • Lightning Privacy
  • Lightning for exchanges

Wringing Of The Rag

  • Monday - Issue #670: A Taproot critique emerges
  • Tuesday - Issue #671: This is what Bitcoin is about
  • Wednesday - Issue #672: Brendan's 🔥 threads are back!
  • Thursday - Issue #673: The battle is well under way
  • Friday - Issue #674: Bitcoin is a communications protocol


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