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The Sat Standard - December 5th, 2020

The Sat Standard - December 5th, 2020

Dec 5, 2020
The Sat Standard

The Sat Standard - December 5th, 2020

Thought of the week from Marty Bent:
They locked you down. They forced you to stay home from work. They won’t let you open your business. They’re about to try to ban self-custody of your bitcoin. Are you free or are you a docile subject?

Thought of the week from Matt Odell:
Those surprised by the recently proposed heavy-handed and burdensome stablecoin bill in US Congress have not been paying attention.

This is why prioritizing decentralization is important.
This is why using your own node must remain easy and accessible while being able to run them privately through Tor.
This is why bitcoin exists and continues to accrue value.


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Rabbit Hole Recap - Thursday

Dr. Saifedean Ammous

  • The Fiat Standard
  • Principles of Economics
  • The University system
  • "The Science"
  • Lockdown hysteria
  • Unexpected externalities from lockdowns

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