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The Sat Standard - December 19th, 2020

The Sat Standard - December 19th, 2020

Dec 19, 2020
The Sat Standard

The Sat Standard - December 19th, 2020

Thought of the week from Marty Bent:
Winning is the only option.

Thought of the week from Matt Odell:
Governments who cannot keep our personal data secure while compelling us to disclose almost every detail of our lives anyway should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.

They refuse to protect us. We have no choice but to protect ourselves.




Rabbit Hole Recap - Thursday

Pete Rizzo

  • The war over P2SH
  • Bitcoin's development culture
  • Are Bitcoin's properties inherent or emergent
  • Bitcoin v. Ethereum
  • Journalism
  • Bias
  • Objectivity


  • The new ATH
  • Institutional adoption
  • How high will Bitcoin go?
  • Gradually, then suddenly
  • Cutting losses v. taking profits
  • Gold's fate
  • The importance of running a node
  • The market will bend the knee
  • Holding in a bull market v. holding in a bear market

Ben Kaufman

  • Specter Wallet
  • Crypto Advanced
  • Making multisig easy
  • Making connecting to a full node easy
  • PSBT
  • QR Codes
  • HWI
  • Hardware
  • Zoomers

Wringing of the Rag


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