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The Sat Standard - April 3rd, 2021

The Sat Standard - April 3rd, 2021

Apr 5, 2021
The Sat Standard

The Sat Standard - April 3rd, 2021

Thought of the week from Marty Bent:
Don’t let them tell you there’s no inflation.

Thought of the week from Matt Odell:
Tracking bitcoin users is a very profitable business. Chainalysis just raised $100M at a $2 BILLION valuation for doing just that. Their former CTO now runs the US Government's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network Agency (FinCEN).


  • Bitcoin Optech #142
  • Coldcard physical attack (requires special lab equipment and multiple days, coldcards sold in the last ten months not affected)
  • Coldcard v4.01 (Contains a security fix unrelated to the above. Please upgrade ASAP.)
  • Circle and Poloniex to provide IRS data on customers
  • Kentucky signs bitcoin mining incentives
  • Strike launches in El Salvador without banking partners
  • Azteco adds lightning
  • Goldman to start offering bitcoin exposure to rich clients
  • Morgan Stanley prepping to add bitcoin exposure to major funds
  • Brink's first round of dev grants
  • Gemini provides grant to
  • Specter v1.3.0
  • Bisq v1.6.1
  • BTCPay Server v1.0.7.1
  • sphinx-relay v2.0.8
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Citadel Dispatch - Tuesday

Rabbit Hole Recap - Thursday

Mauricio Di Bartolomeo

  • Ledn's recent raise
  • Proof of Reserves
  • Risk Management
  • Duration matching
  • Hyperinflation
  • Good people succeeding
  • Bitcoin scaling in layers
  • Ledn users sending within the platform
  • The Petro

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