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The New TFTC: Powered by Mash

The New TFTC: Powered by Mash

The New TFTC: Powered by Mash

Welcome to TFTC (Truth for the Commoner), your gateway to a world of truth, knowledge, and empowerment in the digital age. We are dedicated to bringing you content that spans the realms of bitcoin, economics, privacy, freedom technology, and culture. What sets us apart is our commitment to amplifying the voices of independent content creators and helping them to monetize their work via the bitcoin-powered monetization tools created by Mash.

Why we partnered with Mash

We strongly believe that the future of content will be driven by independent producers who provide the world with a unique perspective, domain expertise, and an ability to effectively communicate their worldviews to their audience. The era of journalists writing about a range of topics they don't understand deeply is ending and the journalists are being replaced by experts in the field who have recognized that they can become more successful by sharing their knowledge with audiences who are looking for the highest signal content on particular subjects. This new wave of domain-specific content is bringing new monetization models with it.

Patreon and Substack have proven to be viable models for content creators to leverage so that they can monetize their work via direct contributions from their audiences. However, it is becoming clear that subscription fatigue is beginning to creep into the world of independent content creation just as it has with the unbundling trend that has permeated the world of streaming over the last decade. With that in mind at TFTC, we want to create a platform where users can directly contribute to their favorite independent creators without having to lock themselves into a subscription service. More importantly, we want to help independent producers monetize their content using the best money on the planet, bitcoin.

Mash makes this model possible for TFTC with their suite of monetization tools that enable readers to directly contribute to the site while also interacting with the content in ways that creates a collaborative experience between the content producers and their readers. Readers can directly contribute to our efforts by donating to the site and adding reactions to posts. Reactions are particularly exciting because they bring Reddit-like user interactions to our site. Enabling the TFTC community to engage with the content in new ways.

Join the conversation and start contributing to TFTC today by using the Mash tools. All you need is a Mash account or any other lightning-enabled bitcoin wallet.


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