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The Great Taking

The Great Taking

Dec 18, 2023

The Great Taking

David Webb, a former financial industry professional with a background in managing public equities and hedge funds, resides on a small farm near Stockholm, Sweden. Webb's experience spans critical financial events such as the Asian financial crisis and the dot-com bubble and bust. His book, "The Great Taking," exist to provide a deeper understanding of the financial system and its profound implications.

Webb's unique insight into fund flows and the scale of money creation led to his realization of the Federal Reserve's significant influence on financial markets. At a time when such a notion was dismissed as conspiracy, Webb discovered that the Federal Reserve's creation of money occasionally equaled or exceeded 1% of the US GDP in a single week, a rate that outpaced economic growth and indicated a breakdown in the transmission of money creation into real economic activity.

He identified a critical factor: the velocity of money, or the rate at which money circulates through the economy, was collapsing. This condition resembled the era of the Great Depression and the world wars. Webb's study of historical financial collapses informed his financial strategies, allowing him to successfully navigate market turmoil and protect his clients.

With a personal history marked by the industrial collapse of Cleveland, Webb pursued finance and computer science to understand the forces that impacted his family and community. His early career took him through the financial firms of New York City, providing him with an intimate knowledge of the industry. Eventually, he transitioned to mergers and acquisitions and later to a leading private equity firm.

Webb's career highlights include managing a significant telephone company acquisition, yielding a record capital gain for the firm. However, the stress and demands of the job led to a reassessment of his life, eventually returning to Cleveland to seek a more balanced existence.

The insights Webb gained into the financial markets led him to recognize the dangers of the derivatives market's explosive growth. He foresaw the impending financial crisis, which was confirmed by the rapid expansion of asset-backed securities and the manipulation of the credit underwriting process.

Webb's discoveries about the changes in the legal treatment of securities ownership were alarming. The introduction of the concept of "security entitlements" transformed the nature of ownership, placing investors at risk during insolvencies. He noted the shift from personal property to a weaker contractual claim, the pooling of securities, and changes to bankruptcy laws that favored secured creditors.

Webb's journey to raise awareness about these financial intricacies included doorstep conversations and attempts to alert neighbors and communities. His prediction of large-scale insolvencies following the housing bubble, and his discussions with influential figures like George Soros, highlighted his continued efforts to expose vulnerabilities within the financial system.

Webb's extensive research into the history of securities law, the role of central securities depositories, and the mechanisms of the derivatives market reveal a disturbing trajectory. He argues that a controlled collapse is imminent, facilitated by changes in interest rates and legal structures designed to transfer collateral to the most powerful financial institutions.

The urgency of his message is underscored by the recent bank failures and the preparation for "solvent wind-down" of systemically important banks. Webb believes that the collapse of the financial system could be triggered at any moment, leading to the seizure of global securities and a reset that would place immense power in the hands of a few.

His vision for a better future involves public control of central banking, the simplification of the tax system, and legal opposition to the current financial constructs. As a call to action, Webb encourages individuals to eliminate debt, invest in tangible assets, and be prepared for economic challenges.

Webb's book, "The Great Taking," is available for free as a PDF at, with hard copies available for purchase. His aim is to spread awareness and knowledge globally, to stimulate legal challenges to the financial system, and to inspire action from all levels of society.


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