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The Evolution of Technology in Oil and Gas: A Deep Dive with Jeff Hughes

The Evolution of Technology in Oil and Gas: A Deep Dive with Jeff Hughes

Feb 1, 2024

The Evolution of Technology in Oil and Gas: A Deep Dive with Jeff Hughes

The oil and gas industry has experienced a significant technological evolution in recent years, with industry professionals like Jeff Hughes leading the charge. With a background that intersects accounting, technology, and energy, Hughes' story exemplifies the non-linear career paths often found in the tech and energy sectors.

Background and Career Path

Jeff Hughes, the founder of PointFlow Technologies, began his career with an accounting degree from Oklahoma State University. His first encounter with coding came while pursuing an engineering major, where he learned VBA and app-building skills that would later prove invaluable.

Hughes' professional journey took him to ONEOK in Tulsa, where as a credit analyst, he identified opportunities for efficiency through technology. He automated financial models using Bloomberg terminals, significantly reducing manual data entry tasks. This skill set led him to roles in finance and IT, where he continued to innovate and push tech boundaries in the energy sector.

Revolution Resources and PointFlow Genesis

Hughes later co-founded Revolution Resources in 2018, where he initially wore multiple hats before specializing as IT Director. Despite the company's success, Hughes felt the urge to tackle new problems, leading to the creation of PointFlow. PointFlow was born from a desire to improve accounting processes and a passion for technology, aiming to provide solutions for small to mid-sized operators looking for cost-effective alternatives to mainstream software.

PointFlow's Approach and Offerings

PointFlow Companies operates various subsidiaries, including PointFlow Technologies, which focuses on providing lower-cost and highly customizable tech solutions. The company utilizes tools like Quickbase to create adaptable software that meets the unique needs of each client.

One of PointFlow's products is a competitor to Wellview, targeting operators who require robust data management without the high price tag. The software integrates functionalities such as daily reporting, cost tracking, and more, under a single, user-friendly platform.

The Cloud vs. On-Prem Debate

Hughes has been a vocal advocate for on-premises solutions, citing cost and control as primary factors. He points out the hidden expenses and complexities of cloud services, such as ongoing VM costs, even when not in use. His preference for refurbished servers and localized control stems from firsthand experiences of cost-efficiency and the ability to customize infrastructure to specific business needs.

Security Considerations

While cloud services tout advanced security features, Hughes argues that human error remains the weakest security link. He emphasizes the importance of internal vigilance over reliance on cloud-based security, sharing anecdotes about the ease of accessing sensitive data due to lax security practices in the field.


The technological landscape within the oil and gas industry is diverse and continually evolving. Professionals like Jeff Hughes are at the forefront, blending expertise from different domains to drive innovation and efficiency. Through PointFlow, Hughes offers a glimpse into the future of industry-specific technology—flexible, cost-effective, and tailored to the unique challenges faced by energy operators.

For more information or to get in touch with Jeff Hughes and PointFlow, visit their website at or reach out via LinkedIn.


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