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Summer of Bitcoin Secures Renewed Funding from Spiral

Summer of Bitcoin Secures Renewed Funding from Spiral

May 13, 2024

Summer of Bitcoin Secures Renewed Funding from Spiral

The Summer of Bitcoin, an online global internship program, is set to continue fostering the development of young talent in the bitcoin open-source community, thanks to renewed grant support from Spiral, a company that has been a long-standing backer of the initiative.

The aim of the Summer of Bitcoin program is to introduce university students to the intricacies of bitcoin development and design. The program offers participants a curated set of resources and expert mentorship to deepen their understanding of how bitcoin functions and to contribute meaningfully to various bitcoin projects.

According to Spiral's announcement, "Interns who go through the program contribute to bitcoin projects of their choosing, with some even becoming mentees themselves. New projects are arriving all the time." They encouraged individuals interested in starting a career in bitcoin to apply for the program or to refer potential candidates who may benefit from this opportunity.

As part of the program, participants not only learn and contribute but also receive a stipend in bitcoin, potentially leading to further career opportunities. Successful interns could be offered a return position for the following summer, receive a full-time open-source grant, or secure placements within highly regarded bitcoin companies.

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