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Russia Seizes Western Bank Assets

Russia Seizes Western Bank Assets

May 20, 2024
Marty's Ƀent

Russia Seizes Western Bank Assets

The fiat wars are escalating right in front of our eyes. Over the weekend a Russian court seized more than $700m in assets from UniCredit, Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank. The assets were tied up in joint ventures with the Russian natural gas producer Gazprom, which has been affected by sanctions levied against Russia in reaction to their invasion of Ukraine in February of 2022 and the ongoing war. It seems that the Russian government is matching the West's financial censorship with a form of its own, which will most certainly push the world further into the territory of a multi-polar geopolitical landscape.

If it wasn't already clear to you it should be now. Trust between the global superpowers has been completely eroded and the weaponization of centrally controlled monetary rails will only increase from here. The amount of time between the West's sanctions and Russia's reaction last week was more than a year, but one can expect the pace of weaponized monetary reactions to increase from here. The increased pace of monetary rails weaponization will come with attempts by all sides to create alternative centrally controlled monetary rails that attempt to remove risk, but ultimately lead to the further bifurcation of the global financial system.

The only true solution to the trust problem that is progressing on the international stage is an apolitical monetary system that cannot be centrally controlled by anyone. The only true solution to this problem is bitcoin. Any self-respecting and forward thinking sovereign nation should be able to see what is happening and recognizing that any centrally controlled solution to the problem will inevitably result in the same type of censorship at some point. If a country wants to preserve their wealth in a way that cannot be messed with they would leverage bitcoin, which cannot be controlled by any one person, business or government.

Whether or not there proves to be any self-respecting and forward thinking sovereign nation outside of El Salvador is yet to be determined, but I find it hard to believe that we will end the year without at least one sovereign nation announcing that they are putting a portion of their country's reserves in bitcoin and holding it themselves to avoid the weaponization of the centrally controlled monetary and payment systems of the world. Who will move first?

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