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Canadian RCMP Report Predicts Civil Unrest over Economic Despair

Canadian RCMP Report Predicts Civil Unrest over Economic Despair

Apr 2, 2024

Canadian RCMP Report Predicts Civil Unrest over Economic Despair

In a stark revelation, a secret report from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Canada's federal policing agency, has been unearthed, suggesting a grim outlook for the nation's future. According to the document, obtained through an access to information request by a University of British Columbia professor, Canada is on the brink of a societal downturn that could lead to mass public disillusionment and civil unrest.

National Post

The report, while heavily redacted, paints a bleak picture, anticipating an imminent recession that will exacerbate a decline in living standards, particularly affecting the younger population. The phrase "end of abundance" ominously hints at a significant economic downturn, with potential repercussions including a loss of faith in governmental leadership and a possible rise in collective action against the authorities.

This chilling prognosis comes against a backdrop of what has been characterized as a decade of economic mismanagement under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The leaked RCMP document suggests that the Canadian economy, with housing prices comparable to those in San Francisco despite significantly lower wages, is in a precarious state. The National Post reports that home affordability is now beyond the reach of three-quarters of Canadian families, with wages stagnating since 2016.

The average Canadian income reportedly lags behind that of Americans by nearly 18,000 dollars. This disparity is compounded by a shift in the economic landscape, where business investment has dropped dramatically while government employment has surged, creating a bloated public sector that earns substantially more than private sector workers.

In response to these challenges, rather than instituting economic reforms, the Canadian government seems to be doubling down on authoritarian measures. The document suggests that the RCMP is preparing for social upheaval, although specific strategies remain obscured by censorship. This includes an increase in policing powers, evidenced by the government's crackdown on the trucker protests in 2022 and the introduction of legislation aimed at curbing online hate speech, with severe penalties for those deemed to have violated the proposed laws.

The political scene in Canada is heating up, with the next federal election potentially a year and a half away. While Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre currently leads in the polls, the timing of the election remains at the discretion of Trudeau. The state-owned media's treatment of Poilievre, likened to the American media's handling of former President Donald Trump, indicates a contentious political landscape ahead.

The leaked RCMP report hints at turbulent times for Canada, with economic woes spurring potential civil strife and an increasingly authoritarian government response. As the nation navigates these challenges, the world watches, with many questions left unanswered in the redacted pages of the RCMP's dire forecast.


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