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Ranchers Resist Bill Gates-Backed Vaccine Targeting Cow Methane Emissions

Ranchers Resist Bill Gates-Backed Vaccine Targeting Cow Methane Emissions

May 21, 2024
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Ranchers Resist Bill Gates-Backed Vaccine Targeting Cow Methane Emissions

A recent initiative funded by Bill Gates to develop a vaccine aimed at reducing cow flatulence and consequently methane emissions is facing opposition from American ranchers. ArkeaBio, a Boston-based company, has secured $26.5 million in venture capital funding, with a significant contribution from a fund established by Gates, to create the vaccine. However, this move has been met with resistance from the United States Cattlemen’s Association, with President Justin Tupper expressing firm opposition.

Tupper, in a statement to The Epoch Times, emphasized that American cattlemen are not in favor of the vaccine and predicted public opposition as well. "If it ever gets to the point where they try to implement this, I can tell you right now that American cattlemen absolutely will not accept it, no way," Tupper said. He also raised concerns over the potential long-term effects of altering an animal's biological functions, labeling the plan as "crazy" and an attempt to "tinker with Mother Nature."

Chad Sullivan, another American rancher, echoed Tupper's sentiments, warning of a possible "full-on rebellion" from ranchers against the vaccine's implementation. He stressed the absurdity of the situation and the readiness of ranchers to fight back against such measures.

In a December 2022 press release, ArkeaBio CEO Colin South stated, “We are embracing the opportunity to work with the most committed investor in the climate sector to enact rapid and meaningful progress in the urgent issue of reducing global agricultural GHG emissions.”

Bill Gates has persistently advocated for reducing methane emissions. In a 2019 interview with Bloomberg and a 2021 interview with Technology Review, he asserted the need to "change cows" and suggested that affluent nations should transition to 100% synthetic beef.

The Epoch Times Article


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