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Pennsylvania Farmers Detained for Unlicensed Ultrasounds Remain in Jail

Pennsylvania Farmers Detained for Unlicensed Ultrasounds Remain in Jail

Apr 29, 2024

Pennsylvania Farmers Detained for Unlicensed Ultrasounds Remain in Jail

Two Pennsylvania men, Rusty Herr, 43, and Ethan Wentworth, 33, have been in custody for 18 days following their arrests earlier in April on charges of performing ultrasounds on cows and horses without the necessary veterinary credentials. The arrests have sparked considerable concern and outrage among family members and the local farming community, who are calling for their immediate release.

Herr was booked at the Lancaster County Prison on April 11, while Wentworth was sent to the York County Prison on April 10. The two men, listed as operating partners of NoBull Solutions LLC, were reportedly providing ultrasound services for reproductive management to dairy farmers, which is a common practice in the industry.

Attorney Robert Barnes, representing both Herr and Wentworth, took to social media to express his frustration after the Commonwealth Court denied an emergency petition for their release. "Pennsylvania is out of control," Mr. Barnes tweeted, condemning the decision and signaling a potential appeal to the Supreme Court.

Ben Masemore, a dairy farmer and spokesman for the men, told The Epoch Times that both were serving 30-day sentences without bail. "I’ve talked to several farmers and professionals here and not a single one thinks what they do is veterinary care," Masemore stated, emphasizing the widespread disapproval of the situation within the farming community.

The Epoch Times reported that a source familiar with the situation suggested the arrests were a tactic to discourage competition with larger animal care service providers. The source, who remained anonymous, indicated that the men's affordable pricing may have upset competitors accustomed to higher charges.

The community support is evident, as the situation has prompted responses such as an artificial intelligence-generated song, "The Ballad of Ethan and Rusty," reflecting the sentiment of the local populace.

A fundraising campaign on GiveSendGo has been established to cover legal expenses for Herr and Wentworth, amassing over $18,000 by Monday afternoon. The page alleges that Wentworth was misled by authorities prior to his arrest and underscores the importance of their services to local dairy and horse farms, which might struggle to afford more expensive veterinary services.

This incident has sparked a broader conversation about the challenges faced by small, independent farmers. Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) weighed in on the issue, highlighting a problematic relationship between large agricultural companies and government regulators, which he believes is leading to a monopoly detrimental to smaller farms.

The Pennsylvania state authorities have not provided comments on the case, citing confidentiality statutes.

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