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OpenSats Announces Long-Term Grants for Calle & William Casarin

OpenSats Announces Long-Term Grants for Calle & William Casarin

Jun 22, 2024

OpenSats Announces Long-Term Grants for Calle & William Casarin

OpenSats, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Bitcoin and freedom technology, has recently announced the provision of long-term support (LTS) to two developers, Calle and William Casarin (also known as jb55), as reported by No BS Bitcoin.

Calle has been recognized by OpenSats for his work on the Cashu protocol, a free and open-source Chaumian Ecash protocol aimed at enhancing user transaction privacy and efficiency. According to OpenSats, Calle has been "instrumental in the development and maintenance of the popular mint implementation, Nutshell, and the wallet, which supports offline Ecash transactions." The LTS grant will enable Calle to further improve the Cashu protocol by introducing measures such as a fee structure to counter denial of service attacks and the implementation of a proof of liabilities scheme for auditing mints.

William Casarin is celebrated for his work within the Nostr ecosystem, notably his development of Damus, which has facilitated Bitcoin integration into social networking with the creation of "Zaps," peer-to-peer micropayments over the Lightning Network. With the support from OpenSats, Casarin plans to progress on various Nostr ecosystem projects, including NostrDB, the upgrading of Damus iOS, Notedeck, and Notecrumbs.

Both developers expressed commitment to their projects, with Calle aiming to create "a robust ecash protocol built for Bitcoin with a focus on simplicity, efficiency, and privacy," and Casarin dedicated to the advancement of Bitcoin and the preservation of freedom of speech and financial sovereignty through Nostr.

The current state of this initiative reflects OpenSats' ongoing commitment to fostering the development of open-source projects that enhance the functionality, security, and accessibility of Bitcoin technologies. The potential future implications of this support include strengthened networks, increased user privacy, and an overall more robust Bitcoin ecosystem.

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