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OCEAN Mining Chooses El Salvador for its Global Headquarters

OCEAN Mining Chooses El Salvador for its Global Headquarters

May 29, 2024
Bitcoin Mining

OCEAN Mining Chooses El Salvador for its Global Headquarters

OCEAN mining pool has officially established its global headquarters in San Salvador, El Salvador. The announcement comes as the company, co-founded by Jack Dorsey and Bitcoin Core developer Luke Dashjr, seeks to enhance the decentralization of Bitcoin mining worldwide.

Luke Dashjr, co-founder and CTO of OCEAN, expressed his vision for the new hub, stating, “El Salvador is on the leading edge of Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining adoption, and we believe OCEAN’s presence here will help to advance these efforts here and create new opportunities for El Salvador and elsewhere.”

Mark Artymko, OCEAN's President, highlighted the strategic choice of El Salvador for its headquarters, citing the country's welcoming political stance on Bitcoin in contrast to regions like Venezuela and the European Union, where legislation to ban Bitcoin mining has been imposed.

El Salvador has embraced the title of “Bitcoin Country” following its bold move to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender in 2021. OCEAN's establishment in the nation is a testament to the country's commitment to Bitcoin and its emerging role as a hub for innovation.

Stacy Herbert, from El Salvador’s Bitcoin Office, welcomed OCEAN's decision, remarking, “This decision by the OCEAN Mining team reaffirms that the Bitcoin-first culture we are building in El Salvador is providing the tools that entrepreneurs around the world need to thrive in a Bitcoin economy.”

OCEAN's Global Head of Sales, known as Bitcoin Mechanic, emphasized the company's commitment to decentralization, stating that “Stratum V2 is just the start. For us, it goes much deeper and is about shifting the balance of power away from a handful of pools and bringing miners of all sizes closer to the nucleus of Bitcoin.”

The company also plans to contribute to the education and development of Bitcoin communities within El Salvador, including the successful “Bitcoin Beach” at El Zonte, which has flourished through its local Bitcoin-based economy.

OCEAN prides itself on being a non-custodial, transparent, and permissionless mining pool, dedicated to advancing the decentralization of Bitcoin mining and empowering miners globally.

The recent announcement was also shared on Twitter, where OCEAN expressed gratitude to El Salvador's President Nayib Bukele, the Bitcoin Office of El Salvador, and Stacy Herbert for fostering an environment conducive to Bitcoin adoption.

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