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"Net-Zero" Hypocrisy Gets Called Out

"Net-Zero" Hypocrisy Gets Called Out

Apr 2, 2024
Marty's Ƀent

"Net-Zero" Hypocrisy Gets Called Out

This is very encouraging to see. The President of Guyana, Mohamed Irfaan Ali, sat down with the BBC for an interview which covered oil reserves off the coast of Guyana (discovered in 2015) that the country plans on tapping into to bolster their economy. This is a massive development for a country with a population of less than 820,000 people. Being able to tap into these newly found oil reserves will enable the small South American country to punch way above its weight class from an economic standpoint.

In a world that has become objectively insane in regards to energy policy, the prospect of Guyana leveraging its natural hydrocarbon resources to make its economy more robust is repulsive to the Malthusians who have controlled the narrative over the last few decades. However, the tide is beginning to turn as is evidenced by President Ali's passionate retort to the BBC's video blogger. The West, which has gotten to the point that it has by (smartly) leveraging hydrocarbons over the last century to drive the industries forward that have resulted in the digital and hyper-connected economy that exist today, has decided that other nations that would like to leverage hydrocarbons in a similar manner should not be able to do so because of "climate change". President Ali highlights the abject absurdity and hypocrisy of this notion by pointing to the fact that Guyana has one of the largest rain forests in the world and has stewarded that forest, which takes carbon out of the atmosphere and produces oxygen, extremely well while Western nations have decimated theirs. Exacerbating carbon emissions in the process.

Now, as you freaks may already know, I am not a big fan of labeling carbon dioxide as pollution. Humans are, after all, carbon-based lifeforms and carbon is an essential element that makes all of life possible on this planet. Trying to prevent carbon from entering the atmosphere seems a bit idiotic to me on its face. With that being said, I am an environmentalist who believes we should be as efficient as possible with the resources we leverage as a planet and should try our best to limit pollution and the destruction of natural habitats wherever we can. While I don't think President Ali should even cater to the climate hysterics' narrative, it is impossible to ignore how sound his argument is when operating from the frame put forth by the hysterics.

The age of the West browbeating emerging countries from a perceived position of moral authority is officially over. Well, maybe that isn't true. I do think the attempts to browbeat will continue. However, the age of the browbeating being nearly as effective as it has been historically is officially over. This is because it is physically impossible for anyone with two functioning brain cells to identify and internalize the abject hypocrisy of the browbeaters. The tipping point has been reached and the con is being called out. This is a beautiful thing to see.

Expect this trend to continue. The marginal return on browbeating by the West has officially reached zero. "Net-zero" and the carbon credits voodoo that is trying to make it a thing are scams on a scale that is orders of magnitude larger than the FTX blow up. Western governments and the politicians and bureaucrats who make up those governments are corrupt liars who have absolutely pillaged the world, turned their citizens into debt slaves, and are actively curbing civil liberties at an alarming pace as they attempt to maintain their control over the system.

Cracks in the Matrix are materializing and this is emboldening many to speak up. The President of Guyana is just the most recent example. Expect more of this moving forward, but also prepare for the chaos that comes with it. Cracks in the Matrix will lead to vacuums of power and you should prepare accordingly.

This is why we bitcoin, freaks. When these vacuums emerge struggling governments will react in truly evil ways by trying to confiscate people's wealth to band aid over the bullet wounds they've injected into the global economy. When that begins you'll want to be sure you have bitcoin and that you are securing it properly.

Final thought...

Embrace the chaos.

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