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MicroStrategy Unveils 'MicroStrategy Orange' Decentralized ID Platform

MicroStrategy Unveils 'MicroStrategy Orange' Decentralized ID Platform

May 2, 2024

MicroStrategy Unveils 'MicroStrategy Orange' Decentralized ID Platform

At the MicroStrategy World: Bitcoin for Corporations 2024 event, MicroStrategy introduced a "decentralized identity platform" built on the Bitcoin network, named MicroStrategy Orange.

Cezary Raczko, the Executive Vice President of Engineering at MicroStrategy, presented the new platform, stating, "Today, I'd like to introduce MicroStrategy Orange, which is an enterprise platform for building decentralized identity applications on the Bitcoin blockchain." He highlighted the platform's core features, which include a service cloud hosted to issue identifiers for organizations and their users.

MicroStrategy aims to provide organizations a tool to develop and manage "decentralized identity applications." Raczko outlined that the platform would allow the deployment of prepackaged applications, known as "orange apps," to tackle specific digital identity challenges.

The EVP of Engineering stated, "Custodial or non-custodial, the obvious thing is every Bitcoin wallet out there should incorporate the capability of creating a Bitcoin-based digital identity." He also addressed the challenges in current messaging platforms and suggested the possibility of integrating an "orange check" to verify sender identities.

Furthermore, Raczko discussed potential for integrating Bitcoin-based digital identities with the broader verifiable credential ecosystem. This would enable users to anchor credentials such as university degrees, course certifications, and medical records to their Bitcoin-based identity.

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