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Metaplanet Follows MicroStrategy with $6.5 Million Bitcoin Investment

Metaplanet Follows MicroStrategy with $6.5 Million Bitcoin Investment

Apr 9, 2024

Metaplanet Follows MicroStrategy with $6.5 Million Bitcoin Investment

Japanese investment firm Metaplanet has announced an investment of 1 billion yen (approximately $6.5 million) in Bitcoin, positioning it as a core asset in its corporate treasury. This move has drawn parallels with MicroStrategy's approach to Bitcoin accumulation and has resulted in a significant surge in Metaplanet's stock price.

Metaplanet, which is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, revealed its Bitcoin purchasing plan on an undisclosed date, citing the need to hedge against currency devaluation and inflation. The company has indicated this as an "initial commitment" and a step towards a larger adoption of Bitcoin.

Metaplanet's stock price experienced a dramatic increase of 89.47% on Tuesday following the announcement, closing at 36 JPY compared to the previous day's 19 JPY. Trading volumes also saw a significant uptick, with 69 million shares traded on the day in contrast to the average of 928,000 shares.


This investment strategy not only serves as an inflation hedge but also offers Japanese investors a tax-advantaged opportunity to gain indirect exposure to Bitcoin, bypassing the country's heavy unrealized gains taxes which can be as high as 55%.

Metaplanet's decision to incorporate Bitcoin into its treasury assets reflects a broader trend of public companies leveraging Bitcion to enhance shareholder value. The announcement has been received as a bullish indicator for Bitcoin's adoption in Asia and suggests a growing interest from public companies in the region to integrate it into their financial strategies.

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