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Overcoming Decades of Mental Illness with the Carnivore Diet

Mar 26, 2024

Overcoming Decades of Mental Illness with the Carnivore Diet

Overcoming Decades of Mental Illness with the Carnivore Diet

Key Takeaways

The podcast episode with Dr. Shawn Baker features an incredible and transformative journey of Valerie, a woman who lived through four decades of severe mental illness and anorexia, only to find healing through the carnivore diet. Valerie shared her harrowing experiences with schizoaffective disorder, clinical depression, anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, and the chronic torment of anorexia, which led her to weigh less than 80 pounds at a BMI of eleven.

Valerie's traditional treatment involved in and out of hospitals, mental wards, eating disorder units, and a plethora of psych meds and psychiatrists. Despite these efforts, her mental and physical health continued to deteriorate. She faced physical complications, including multiple organ prolapse and osteoporosis, leading to several surgeries.

The philosophy in the hospitals was that consuming high-carb foods like cakes and cookies would prove that a person is not anorexic. However, this approach failed to address the underlying issues, particularly the nutritional needs of the brain.

Valerie's turning point came when she discovered the importance of complete amino acids for neurotransmitter function. Inspired by Dr. Georgia Ede, Dr. Chris Palmer, Dr. Shawn Baker, and Dr. Ken Berry, she embraced a carnivorous diet, prioritizing protein and meat, which she had eliminated for 35 years.

Her approach was gradual, starting with small quantities and doubling her intake weekly. Over time, she noticed a remarkable improvement in her mental health and an eventual healing of her physical ailments. Valerie now enjoys a robust diet, primarily focused on red meat, and has added significant muscle mass to her frame.

Best Quotes

  1. "I was already trying to figure out how I could get out of family dinners and can go back to the way I was, because nothing had changed." - Valerie on the failure of traditional inpatient anorexia treatment.
  2. "I had to do it in a way that was going to make it successful for me so that I wouldn't relapse." - Valerie on transitioning to a carnivorous diet to heal her body and mind.
  3. "How could it be that eating protein and meat and fat could do something for my brain, but yet that light bulb lit up? Because that is the one thing that I had eliminated for 35 years." - Valerie realizing the missing piece in her diet that could potentially heal her.


The podcast episode with Valerie serves not just as a story of personal triumph over severe mental and physical health challenges but also as a testament to the profound impact of nutrition on our well-being. Valerie's narrative challenges the conventional approaches to treating anorexia and mental illnesses, underscoring the importance of considering dietary interventions. Her journey from consuming a mere cup of spinach and celery to feasting on nutrient-dense red meat and overcoming lifelong afflictions is both inspiring and thought-provoking.

Valerie's story is a beacon of hope for those struggling with similar conditions, suggesting that sometimes the solutions to our deepest health issues can be found in the very things we've been avoiding. As we reflect on her experiences, her strength, and her message, it's clear that the path to healing is multifaceted and deeply personal, and it often requires us to challenge long-held beliefs and be open to the unexpected.


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