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The Media Reacts To The List

Jan 13, 2024

The Media Reacts To The List

The Media Reacts To The List

Key Takeaways

In the latest episode of "Part of the Problem," Dave Smith, along with Robbie "The Fire" Bernstein, discusses two significant topics that have dominated recent news: the January 6 Capitol riot and the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. The podcast dives deep into the implications of these events, emphasizing the growing public skepticism toward government propaganda and media narratives. Smith argues that people are increasingly recognizing the blatant lies and transparent stupidity of the propaganda being pushed by the state.

One of the central points made by Smith is the distinction between an election being "rigged" versus "stolen." He suggests that while there may not be conclusive evidence that the 2020 election was stolen, there is undeniable evidence of rigging. This includes internet censorship, media biases, and interference by U.S. security agencies. Smith applauds Glenn Greenwald's framing of the issue, which differentiates rigging (institutional corruption) from stealing (the physical manipulation of votes).

When it comes to the January 6 insurrection narrative, Smith deconstructs the notion that it was a significant attempt at a coup, calling it an overblown reaction to a relatively minor event. He points out the double standards in the government and media's response to the Capitol riot compared to the Black Lives Matter protests.

Regarding Jeffrey Epstein, Smith criticizes the media's efforts to protect the reputations of those associated with Epstein instead of demanding a thorough investigation into the child sex trafficking ring. He expresses frustration over the lack of accountability and transparency, questioning the integrity of powerful individuals connected to Epstein.

Best Quotes

  1. "The propaganda is so outrageously, transparently stupid and based off lies that a large degree of people are just not buying it anymore."
  2. "To describe [January 6] as any type of meaningful attempt at a coup is just kind of goofy."
  3. "The idea of labeling January 6 an insurrection is, on its face, kind of ridiculous."
  4. "Rigging it is when institutions of authority cheat or act corruptly... Stealing the election is dumping ballots that were legitimately cast or fabricating ballots..." - Glenn Greenwald, quoted by Dave Smith
  5. "It's impossible to listen to [Hillary Clinton laughing about getting a child rapist off] and not just go like, oh, you're a monster."


This episode of "Part of the Problem" provides a compelling analysis of the January 6 Capitol riot and Jeffrey Epstein scandal, challenging the dominant narratives and emphasizing the importance of questioning authority and demanding transparency. Smith and Bernstein offer a nuanced perspective that highlights the disconnect between the government's actions and the media's reporting. The overarching message is clear: skepticism toward the state and its propaganda is not only justified but necessary for a functioning democracy. The episode concludes with a call to action for future discussions and investigations into these critical issues, emphasizing the need for accountability and a media that serves the interests of the people, not the powerful.


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