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Ransomware Group LockBit Threatens to Leak Federal Reserve Data

Ransomware Group LockBit Threatens to Leak Federal Reserve Data

Jun 24, 2024

Ransomware Group LockBit Threatens to Leak Federal Reserve Data

The ransomware group LockBit has recently threatened to expose "33 terabytes of juicy banking information containing Americans’ banking secrets," claiming to have hacked the Federal Reserve Bank. This announcement was made via a post on the dark web, where the group also noted that negotiations with the bank for a ransom were underway but criticized the Federal Reserve's offer of $50,000 as insufficient.

LockBit, which gained notoriety in 2019 for securing millions of dollars in ransom payments, had its online presence dismantled in February by the FBI and international law enforcement. Despite this setback, the group has managed to resurface and continue its criminal activities.

The Daily Dot reported on these developments, adding that cybersecurity professionals have expressed doubts about the authenticity of LockBit's claims, mainly due to the lack of any sample data released by the group as proof. The Federal Reserve has not responded to inquiries to confirm or deny the breach.

LockBit has indicated that the alleged data from the Federal Reserve will be released on Tuesday unless a ransom is paid.

he potential implications of the claimed data breach are significant, given the sensitivity of information the Federal Reserve holds. However, the lack of evidence and skepticism from experts leaves the validity of LockBit's claims in question. The coming days are expected to provide clarity on whether the threat posed by LockBit is credible or merely a desperate attempt to regain the spotlight.

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