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The Ongoing Persecution of Julian Assange: Tucker Carlson Interviews Stella Assange

The Ongoing Persecution of Julian Assange: Tucker Carlson Interviews Stella Assange

Feb 22, 2024

The Ongoing Persecution of Julian Assange: Tucker Carlson Interviews Stella Assange

In a recent in-depth interview with Stella Assange, wife of Julian Assange, the grave circumstances surrounding the WikiLeaks founder's ongoing imprisonment and potential extradition to the United States were discussed, revealing a stark image of the threats to journalistic freedom and governmental accountability.

Julian Assange, a name synonymous with controversy and the publication of classified materials, has been confined, in one form or another, for over a decade. The founder of WikiLeaks first made waves with the release of sensitive U.S. government materials related to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, it was the exposure of CIA surveillance practices that truly crossed a line for U.S. officials.

Stella Assange, a lawyer and human rights activist, joined the discussion to shed light on her husband's current status and the recent developments in his extradition hearings. She underscored the urgency of the situation, with Julian's fate hanging in the balance as UK judges have deferred their decision on his extradition to the U.S.

The narrative that unfolded in the conversation was one of political vendettas, with Assange being targeted not for crimes in the UK, where he has never been charged, but for the ire he has drawn from U.S. governmental bodies. This has led to a prolonged detention in London's high-security Belmarsh Prison, despite the clear implications this has on journalistic freedoms and human rights.

Stella Assange also highlighted the chilling revelation that former CIA director Mike Pompeo once discussed plans to murder Julian Assange, without any subsequent charges against Pompeo, raising questions about the unchecked power of certain U.S. government elements.

The interview also touched on the potential for a presidential pardon from the United States, with Stella expressing that any leader valuing constitutional protections should take action to free Julian Assange.

Throughout the discussion, it became evident that Julian Assange's physical and psychological well-being has been significantly compromised by his ongoing incarceration, with his inability to even attend his own hearings being a testament to his deteriorating condition.

As the world watches the fate of Julian Assange unfold, the case stands as a stark reminder of the fragility of journalistic freedom and the lengths to which governments may go to silence those who dare to reveal uncomfortable truths.


  1. "Unelected bureaucrats can't just murder people they don't like."
  2. "Well, this is the default state of affairs. The UK views itself as a lap dog."
  3. "I think the CIA is a rogue organization that everyone, on every level of U.S. politics, is terrified of."
  4. "He's a fighter, and I think the world's waking up."


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